REVIEW: SPC ECO’s “Anomalies”

SPC ECO photo SPCECO16_coverSML_zpsl4navheg.jpg Anomalies (Saint Marie) shows a nice programming of musicianship and songwriting from Dean Garcia and Rose Berlin, the two behind SPC ECO. If the music on their previous album was meant to say “hello, you may be familiar with us or our name so we’d like to introduce yourself”, this album is meant to be a key towards entering a new room and going deeper into the chamber of sonic possibilities. Some of the songs, like “Incomplete” and “All In Time” for example, are enchanting and close to being spiritual in nature. I’m not saying religious but it feels like a higher power is there and I speak of the intensity of wanting to take things one step further than what they did before. If everyone is truly looking for the ladder, SPC ECO are crawling up at a comfortable pace that is good enough for older fans as well as those who will be introduced with this album.

REVIEW: SPC ECO’s “Dark Matter”

SPC ECO photo SPCECO_cover_zpsddqehh0p.jpg If you were/are a fan of the 90’s band Curve, you may already be familiar with Dean Garcia. Curve is no more but Garcia has done his share of musical traveling and in 2015, he’s within the boundaries of what he calls SPC ECO, and his partner in rhyme is his daughter, Roe Berlin. Dark Matter (Saint Marie) is the kind of music you might expect to hear within a Portishead or Supreme Beings Of Leisure context. It’s haunting yet honest and direct, and it’s interesting to hear the sounds Garcia creates, as Berlin caresses her soul within the context of what was sonically created.

Arguably, this not the kind of music that you’ll hear anywhere and everywhere but that’s a good thing, for I wouldn’t want to hear this while walking through a supermarket. The album has a certain mood or a collection of moods, and what they’ve done is created to get you in and keep you there during its duration. Whether or not you choose to escape is up to you.

(Dark Matter is available digitally below via Bandcamp. It will be “formally” released on November 20th.)