VIDEO: Carnifex’s “Drown Me In Blood”

30 years ago, Californians Slayer wanted you to Reign In Blood but in 2016, a band want you to help drown them in it. I speak of Californians Carnifex, who will be releasing a new album on Nuclear Blast called Slow Death and with that immense delay, find a body as part of a frozen water burial with “Drown Me In Blood”. It is rich and smells like coins, do not be alarmed.

AUDIO: Exumer’s “The Raging Tides”

Exumer’s The Raging Tides (Metal Blade) is a bit of the glory of thrash and speed metal from the early to mid-80’s but proving the glory of that sound still loves on decades later. You’ll hear more than the album drops on January 29th but to get warmed up for it, listen to the title track. The CD can be pre-ordered through

VIDEO: Butcher Babies’ “Igniter”

Butcher Babies have created a performance video for the song “Igniter” and if you’ve never seen them live, you may want to head up to the front of the stage after watching this. I would love to go to a Butcher Babies and rock out with them, only for Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey to end up beating the crap out of me because it’s fun. I wouldn’t mind (too much). The song (which reminds me slighty of Faith No More’s “Surprise! You’re Dead”) is from their Century Media album Take It Like A Man released two months ago. You may order your via through by clicking the cover below.

VIDEO: Slayer’s “Repentless”

The power of Slaytanic Wehrmacht is back, which means it’s Slayer time. The band have returned with Repentless and since they’re not a part of a major label system, you may be seeing some of the most gruesome music videos you’ve ever seen. If you love prison television shows or movies, you are going to find this a violent treat. Repentless can be ordered below via