presents: Best Songs Of 2013

When it comes to favorite songs, I don’t look for something that is hit-savvy. I just want a song that moves me. It can move me as if it is a single, or have it be a deep cut on an album, EP, or some mix someone made and I want to focus on just that segment. It doesn’t matter what genre these songs are because again, all music moves me. Even if it’s something I don’t like, it moved me to hate. These two songs I do not hate at all and for some reason, the moment I first heard them, I knew they would become my picks for favorite songs of the year. Out of the hundreds… no, out of the thousands of different songs I heard, these two reigned supreme like an episode of the original Iron Chef and 2013 would have suffered just a small bit without them. In no particular order:

Spree Wilson featuring GoDreamer’s “All I Need

Kingdom featuring Kelela’s “Bank Head
 photo Kingdom_cover_zps8a29940b.jpg

FREE MP3 DL: Spree Wilson featuring GoDreamer’s “All I Need”

Spree Wilson photo SpreeAIN_cover_zps6974ccfa.jpg
If there are moments when you feel that any and all music has gone down in the dumps, all it takes is one simple song to turn things around and give you hope. Perhaps it is this song that will be that hope. Spree Wilson will be releasing a street album very soon called Life In Technicolor Vol. 1 and this track produced by The Flush could easily become a spring jam, if not a summer jam. Eh, it’ll be a jam regardless.

What works for me is not knowing exactly how the tempo plays out. Part of it sounds close to a screwed vibe, some of the samples and harmonies remind me of the soul music of days gone by, and before the midway point, one can’t help but call this irresistibly soulful. It might throw off some listeners at first, but allow this to marinate, let it soak in. Or allow yourself to soak within its groove. It works for me.

(Mahalo nui to Fire Burgess for the link.)