RECORD CRACK: Esther Duijn brings new electronic sounds via vinyl

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Esther Duijn has been entertaining fans and nightclub fanatics in the Netherlands and throughout Europe with her music and extensive DJ sets. She continues to push the possibilities of sound with a new 12″ single on a brand new label in Portugal, Exquisite Music.

Side A is a track simply called “Track 1” and is credited to D.A.D., which is Duijn, Anonym, and Steady Douglas. Anonym is the only American in the trio, and is very secretive about his work (thus his name). Side B features “Zuidwest” by Duijn and Douglas.
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The 12″ was released on February 12th and can be ordered through

Duijn has also archived a number of her DJ sets on her Soundcloud page, which you can download for free.