REVIEW: Sterling Roswell’s “The Call Of The Cosmos”

 photo SterlingRoswell_cover_zps43141d43.jpg The Call Of The Cosmos (Fire) is an interesting album by Sterling Roswell because:
1) it sounds more like an EP than a full length album
2) the album is a blend of decent songs and trippy interludes, if you want to call it that
3) the interludes are trippy soundscapes and seem to balance the album/EP in a unique way
4) its direction is somewhat uncertain, at least at first.

It’s a 38 minute project where I found myself wondering what direction things would be going, only for me to say hey, even if there is no obvious direction, I’ll listen to it as is and come up with whatever conclusion I have at the end. I’m still slightly confused, but as a creative piece of work, it’s not odd as it is quite… I don’t know if flabbergasted would be the word I would use, but it’s the first I came up with. Whatever the call is towards the cosmos, this is one of billions of pages that help to create this dialogue. Collect all 100,000,000,000.