SOME STUFFS: MED releases outtakes from 2011 album produced by Madlib

 photo MED_old_zps1a9fd4a0.jpg
For whatever reason, when MED worked on these songs with Madlib for an album, they were not used. MED has them in his possession and he decided to release them for all to hear. These are the songs you’ll hear below:
1) Open Your Eyes
2) Sleeper Bag (featuring Oh-No)
3) Privacy (featuring Steve Arrington)
4) Mirror Talk (featuring Pok)
5) Hold U (featuring Aloe Blacc)
6) Thee Amazing (featuring Mellow D)
7) Same Shit

You have MED doing his best, and with Madlib… you all know how I feel about Madlib. If you love the Classic album, this is what you weren’t able to hear until now.