REVIEW: ADA/Steve Noble’s “OTO”

 photo ADA_cover_zpscdef8274.jpg ADA is a project headed by Peter Br√∂tzmann and features Fred Lonberg-Holm and Paal Nilssen-Love. They did a performance with drummer Steve Noble at Cafe Oto in London early 2012 and decided to not only record the performance, but release it as a live album. OTO (no label) is an exciting and vibrant free jazz performance where I wasn’t sure what was coming or going. The CD features two tracks, with the first going for 39 minutes. It may seem like Br√∂tzmann is doing nothing but biting saxophone reeds and blowing into his instrument, as everyone around him is just bashing around. Maybe that’s exactly what they’re doing but there’s also some level of depth and loose structure in the cacophony and clusterfuck of sound. It then leads to a five minute track and while it lacks a proper title, it is shown as being Part 2, even though it could be listened to as its own piece of work. The question I have is “why split it when fans would be more than happy to consume a 44 minute piece?” but it doesn’t matter. However you choose to go into it, you may not leave the same way upon departure.

(You may watch the performances of these two tracks with the videos below.)