AUDIO: Red Fang’s “Flies”

Only Ghosts will not be out for another three months but the album is over and Red Fang are probably figuring out how to be goofy in the video for the song that is sure to be visualized because a lot of times when a song surfaces, that will be the first one to be turned into a video, but will it? “Flies” is the song, get a hint for what the album is about and rock out. How about this for a change: don’t be goofy in this video until the last 30 seconds. Be normal for a change, show what Portland rock is, has, and always will be about, honor the power of Poison Idea, Hazel, or The Wipers and rock out without the mock out. Then be a mock again and carry on with your lunatic selves.

Not a good idea? Eh, here’s “Flies” nonetheless, make sure your ears do not bleeze upon listening. The album can be pre-ordered below via

VIDEO: Windhand’s “Two Urns”

Grief’s Infernal Flower (Relapse) is the latest album from the gracious Windhand and half a year after its release, it is still as strong and powerful as it was in September. If you’ve had the album for awhile, you’re going to love what they did with the song “Two Urns” but if you’ve been hesitant to get this, maybe this will be the reason for you to get a copy.

VIDEO: Windhand’s “Crypt Key”

Jordan Vance directed the new one by Windhand called “Crypt Key”, taken from their new album called Grief’s Infernal Flower (Relapse), which will be out on September 18th. Be patient, it’s just around the corner.


SOME STUFFS: Gaytheist and ᴚABBITS split album to be released in just under three weeks

Gaythiest/ᴚABBITS photo GAYBITS_cover_zpsvnor6vyl.jpg
As reported two months ago, the gents in Gaytheist and ᴚABBITS will be releasing a split album on Good To Die Records and we’re now closer to that moment, August 21st to be exact. The album will be called GAY*BITS and everyone involved has decided to share a track. ᴚABBITS offer their song called “Ready To Right”, which you can listen to by going to while Gaytheist tell you why you should “Run To Away From Home”, which you can hear over at

SOME STUFFS: Gaytheist and ᴚABBITS to release a split album in August

Gaythiest/ᴚABBITS photo GAYBITS_cover_zpsvnor6vyl.jpg
If you are fans of either Gaytheist and ᴚABBITS, you are going to like this bit of news as the Seattle label Good To Die are preparing to press up a split album between both Portland bands. The album has a nice hybrid title: GAY*BITS so if you want to get up into their gay bits, then get ready. Some of the songs are collaborations too, but here is some info on what to expect from it:

1. “Hope The Nihilist” (Gaytheist original)
2. “Run Away To Home” (Gaytheist original)
3. “We And Zoo” (ᴚABBITS cover performed by Gaytheist, original can be found on the album Bites Rites by ᴚABBITS)
4. “Fight Right” (ᴚABBITS cover performed by Gaytheist, original can be found on the album Bites Ritesby ᴚABBITS)
5. “I Quit” (Gaytheist song, performed by Gaytheist with Josh from ᴚABBITS on vocals – orginal can be found on the album Rainbows Have Nothing To Hide by Gaytheist)
6.”Soap Scum” (Original written by Jason from Gaytheist and Josh from ᴚABBITS, performed by Gaytheist)
7.”Soap Scum” (Original written by Jason from Gaytheist and Josh from ᴚABBITS, performed by ᴚABBITS)
8. “Move Her Body” (ᴚABBITS song, performed by ᴚABBITS with Jason from Gaytheist on vocals, original can be found on the album Bites Rites by ᴚABBITS)
9. “I’m On Top” (Gaytheist cover performed by ᴚABBITS, original can be found on the album Rainbows Have Nothing To Hide by Gaytheist)
10.”60 Easy Payments” (Gaytheist cover performed by ᴚABBITS, original can be found on the album Hold Me…But Not So Tight by Gaytheist)
11.”The New Government You” (ᴚABBITS original)
12.”Ready To Right” (ᴚABBITS original)

The album can be pre-ordered directly from Good To Die by heading here

Gaytheist and ᴚABBITS are each heading out on their own tours so take some time to schedule your plans and head out there:

Gaytheist tour dates
June 12… Portland, OR (High Water Mark)
June 18… Calgary, AL (The Palomino)
June 20… Saskatoon (MoSo Fest) @
June 21… Edmonton (Brixx Bar and Grill)
June 23… Vancouver BC (Biltmore Cabaret)
July 31… Portland, OR (Kenton Club)
August 1… Seattle, WA (The Funhouse)

@ = w/ Cancer

ᴚABBITS tour dates
July 1… Portland, OR (The Know; 10th Anniversary show)
July 31… Portland, OR (Kenton Club)
August 1… Seattle, WA (The Funhouse)
August 27… Seattle, WA (Roachella Festival)

Now check out the song Josh of ᴚABBITS did with Gaytheist called “I Quit” by clicking here.

AUDIO: Pelican’s “The Cliff”

Pelican photo Pelican_old_zps655a8c75.jpg
Pelican will be back with a new EP before the end of the month called The Cliff (Southern Lord) and to make it interesting, Justin Broadrick of Godflesh remixed the title track, which you may listen to by clicking here.

REVIEW: MoE’s “3”

 photo MoE_cover_zpsf6a852b6.jpg For this Norway trio, MoE say their music should not be considered metal. If so, then their brand of sludgy rock could easily be the kind of punk bands like Melvins and Buzzoven are famous for, where they did deep into the crevice and continue to infect wounds as they go as deep as they can. 3 is their third album and before I go on, I should say that MoE should not be confused with the New York band Moe. Two completely different beasts. For the 3 album, they show that they’re not only a group that know how to plod in a slow way, they know how to speed things up and go in for a major car race as they do in songs like “Tephra” or a track like “Let Them Dance” which, true to its title, packs a mean groove that may surprise those who enjoy way these guys and lady love to grind. What appeals to me is how when they do change the way they play, it’s not just a faster version of the grind or just a funkier version of the dirge, there’s more to it than that. One of the songs may sound like Megadeth reaching under themselves while another song may have a D.R.I. or Poison Idea crunch. If MoE aren’t careful, they could develop into a much bigger monster than they are right now.


AUDIO: Sloath’s “Legs”

November 10th is when fans of stoner and sludge metal will be able to hear a new album by Sloath called Deep Mountain (Riot Season). To hear how heavy they have become since their last album, listen to the smooth and lanky “Legs”, fully instrumental in all of its harmonious beauty. You may pre-order the LP from Riot Season Records.

VIDEO: Mount Salem’s “Lucid”

There are going to be people who see Mount Salem’s video and go “oh, let’s see what this woman can do” but you know what? Women have been doing their thing in heavy metal for years, and this time you have Emily Kopplin to deal with, and when she plays the organ? Watch out. This Chicago band also features Cody Davidson (drums) Mark Hewett (bass) and Kyle Morrison (guitar), who may immediately remind some of Black Sabbath but they also have a feel that is not unlike Sleep, Crowbar, or the Pat Travers Group. Surprisingly? Let Mount Salem surprise you, only which will lead you to being comforted by what they do and are capable of doing. As for the video, Dave Skwarczek directed this for the group, who made it to let people know about their Endless album on Metal Blade. Did you know about it? Then this post has come to good use for you.


REVIEW: Fórn’s “The Departure of Consciousness”

 photo Forn_cover_zpsbfaf1472.jpg The latest album by Boston’s Fórn is a bastardly, dastardly effort that will make fans of metal feel like the pace of life has slowed down significantly, only for them to want to keep it drawn out forever. The music of this five-piece band has been called everything from doom and sludge to funeral metal, and you are able to sense all of this and more in The Departure Of Consciousness (Vendetta). I mean, the title is the state of mind the band want to put you in while listening, to truly let yourself go and drift off into their beautiful misery. Each song gets in some kind of musical drone, not monotonous by any means but it creates a vibe that gets you into that zone and it’s almost as if you’re locked in that and the feeling is almost non-musical. It is quite musical and in fact, with the closing song “Cereberal Intermission”, it’s probably the most melodious song on the entire album, or perhaps I’m hearing them play in a slightly faster manner (without drums) where I’m able to hear it. If I were to speed up the other tracks, I’m sure I’d hear something else too but I would prefer to play it at half speed. Nonetheless, The Departure Of Consciousness is not a rough listen, for if you’re into that type of metal that goes down a creepy path at its own leisurely pace while sounding dark and black, you’ll find this fascinating.