RECORD CRACK: Substantial to release new single as a 45

Substantial photo Substantial_label_zpsbuet4yyk.jpg
Hip-hop as a 7 inch 45 rpm single may not be as massive as a 12″ single but there’s a small but devoted group of collectors who like it, not so much for the collectiility (although I’m sure that’s part of it) but because it’s cool to have. Even better when it’s an artist someone likes and with a devoted audience, Substantial’s new single may soon sell out when released. It’s a co-release between Origu & HiPNOTT Records and it has “Follow The Master” b/w “Cool Mornings, the B-side also featuring singer Deborah Bond. “Follow The Master” is produced by The Other Guys while Algorythm handled “Cool Mornings”, both songs are previously released. You can pre-order the 45 directly from the UK at Origu Records or get an autographed copy if you pre-order below from Bandcamp.

AUDIO: P.SO & 2 Hungry Bros. featuring Tanya Morgan & Substantial’s “Go Nuts”

P.SO the Earth Tone King & 2 Hungry Bros. will be releasing a new EP tomorrow (August 28th) called Feast Of Legend but you’re able to hear a new song from it at this very moment. This one brings in Tanya Morgan and Substantial for a MEGABLAST they like to go “Go Nuts” and will you? If it’s titled that, there’s a possibility that it may.

AUDIO: Substantial & The Other Guys’ “The Past…” (EP)
Virginia rapper Substantial is about ready to drop his fourth album very soon but leading up to it will be a series of three EP’s, starting with The Past… (HiPNOTT), which he did with producers The Other Guys. Five new songs will eventually lead to The Past Is Always Present In The Future later in the year, so you know that means the Present and Future EP’s will be just as good as this one. The Past… features contributions from Tanya Morgan’s Von Pea, along with See King and DJ Jav, so stream and listen, then make a purchase.

FREE DL: DJ Rahdu’s “Honey Molasses: Jill Scott Remixes & Covers”
Have you ever looked at or listened to singer Jill Scott and said “damn, I wish I could pour honey all over her”? Well, maybe that’s rude, ignorant and borderline harassment depending on the situation, but perhaps that’s what DJ Rahdu had in mind when he put together this album of Jill Scott remixes called Honey Molasses, or maybe it was his way of saying “let’s combine the sounds, my influences, and see what kind of new sweetness I’m able to create”. No sorghum was involved in the creation of this. This is a one hour mix, so if you’d like to see the full tracking listing, click to the Bandcamp link of the mix for further information.

SOME STUFFS: CunninLynguists’ Natti gets the spotlight on him with debut solo album

 photo Natti_cover_zpsc0d9b0c0.jpg
CunninLynguists have made great music for years but individually, you’ve heard more from Kno and Deacon The Villain and not Natti. This now changes, effective immediately, with Natti releasing his debut solo album called Still Motion which features a mess of people helping him out including Young Chu, Sheisty Khrist, Vegas Posada, Jason Coffee, Mino Slick, Cecil Gardner, Substantial, Sha Stimuli, Studio, and Freddie Gibbs, along with Kno and Deacon The Villain assisting on the production side, with SunnyStylez assisting on another track.

You may buy it digitally, along with two different CD packages (including a deluxe edition), through Bandcamp below.

VIDEO: The Other Guys featuring yU & Substantial’s “Memories Fade”

Mark September 10th on your mental calendar, for this is the day the Fearless Record Group will be releasing The Opposite Of Sex, an EP by The Other Guys that brings them together with Diamond District’s yU and Substantial. They’ve made a video for “Memories Fade”, showing that even in this crystal clear digital age, we still have a lot to lose.

VIDEO: Substantial’s “See Hear (AXS Live)”

While Home Is Where The Art Is, sometimes you have to take that art to travel and that is exactly what Substantial did when he stopped in New York to perform “See Hear” on AXS Live along with DJ Sav, the Sound Of The City Band backing them up and vocalist Steph The Sapphic Songstress.

FREE DL: Substantial’s “Home Is Where The Art Is (Instrumentals)”

Substantial photo SubstantialINST_cover_zps983b4b2d.jpg
If Substantial’s Home Is Where The Art Is excited you, but you wanted to hear it from/with an instrumental frame of mind, you are now in luck, as Mello Music Group have released an instrumental version of the album. Even better: it’s for free. It would be too easy to say “ooh, I’m going to rhyme over these tracks myself”, I would suggest simply listening to them as sound pieces. Stop making every open break or instrumental your means to obtain free beats. Proceed.