VIDEO: Summer Cannibals’ “Not Your Turn (Live)”

Summer Cannibals – “Not Your Turn” from Banana Stand Media on Vimeo.

Shot a month ago in Portland at Mississippi Studios, this is Summer Cannibals performing “Not Your Turn” for everyone. The song is taken from their album, which was one of my favorite albums of 2013. My review of their album No Make Up (No Moss) can be read by clicking here.

REVIEW: Summer Cannibals’ “No Make Up”

 photo SummerCannibals_cover_zps8edaf355.jpg As I’m listening to this album by Summer Cannibals, I found myself getting lost in the music played by the band and the voice of their vocalist. No Make Up (No Moss) is an album that comes off alterna- friendly at first, and that’s always a good thing, but then about midway into the album they start chunking out a blues riff and I thought “these guys are doing something unexpected”, or at least unexpected to me.

These songs are all written from a personal perspective, some with distinctively female characteristics, others with simply human characteristics, but what will keep people wanting to hear more is the believability of the stories and how they’re told. There is a certain richness in Jessica Boudreaux’s vocals that I like, at first I was reminded of Karen O. merely due to the direct attack of the lyrics where it’s not filled with a lot of vibrato. Yet with the voice she has, Boudreaux manages to take you in after the curiosity wears off and keeps you there, wanting to understand the world from her and guitarist Marc Swart’s perspectives. It’s nice to hear groups that have a serious edge with a door slightly open for vulnerability, but not being afraid to let everyone know that they are one of the ladies and man too. For those who have wondered why they don’t make albums like they used to anymore, I have two words: they do.

SOME STUFFS: Summer Cannibals ready to be worn with new album

 photo SummerCanibals_old_zpsf50079b8.jpg
With a name like Summer Canibals, you may think they are a band that would look quite beastly, like the guys from Impetigo or Cannibal Corpse. As you can see, that is not the case. This Portland rock combo will be releasing their debut album on August 6th, No Makeup (New Moss), and their sound is a mix blend of rock with a huge chunk of garage, punk, and a bit of that distortion and amplified buzz that your favorite bands are known for including in their music. You can expect for them to enhance that in a live setting. The band are:
Jessica Boudreaux (vocals/guitars)
Marc Swart (guitars)
Valerie Brodgen (drums)
Lynnae Gryffin (bass)

Summer Cannibals have a number of shows coming up that are close to home, but will be doing a west coast tour when the album is released. Check them out if you are in or heading to the Pacific Northwest:
June 9… Portland, OR (Rontoms) {free show} *
June 14… Portland, OR (Backspace) {PDX Pop Now compilation release)
June 22… Portland, OR (The Know) @
June 29… Portland, OR (Star Theater) !
July 5… Seattle, WA (The Rendezvous)
July 6… Portland, OR (Doug Fir) $
August 1… Portland, OR (Mississippi Studios) (“No Makeup” album release show)

* w/ Chastity Belt
@ w/ Bloodbirds
! w/ And And And, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Grandparents
$ w/ Bear And Moose, The Lower 48