FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: OHM Dedication Series #4: Mr. Beatnick presents Sun Ra

Had it with this planet called Earth? Herman Blount was very adamant about letting people know that space is the place.

One Handed Music started an OHM Dedicated Series where they seek people to honor different artists by creating a mix made exclusively for them. For installment #4, OHM seeked the help ofMr. Beatnik, whose work with Don’t Be Afraid Recordings and other projects have made people realize he’s quite serious about his music, and his love of music, as this Sun Ra mix will show you. Here’s the full track listing:

Discipline Intro
Outer Spaceways Incorporated
Love In Outer Space
Somebody Else’s World
Mayan Temple
The Antique Blacks
Island In The Sun
There Is Change In The Air
Night Of The Purple Moon
Space Is The Place
Nuclear War
Journey Onwards
The Cosmic Exploror
God Is More Than Love Can Ever Be
Strange Worlds
Where There Is No Sun Outro

You can read Mr. Beatnik’s comments about this mix by heading to the Soundcloud page that features the mix. stream and listen to this, or download it for free for a limited time. For a look at the first three installments, click here.

REVIEW: Sun Ra Arkestra, under the direction of Marshall Allen’s “Live At The Paradox”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic The back states this album was released in 2009 but I received it for review recently, so here it is. This is the current incarnation of the Sun Ra Arkestra. While Ra is busy traveling the darkest depths of outer space, the Arkestra is under Marshall Allen‘s rule and he’s making sure Ra’s philosphies and music are being pushed into the 21st century, until it’s Allen’s time to travel in the great beyond.

This album was recorded in 2008 while on tour “throuh a minor district of the galaxy called Europe”, and Live At The Paradox (In + Out) shows how these songs are as valid today as they were when they were first recorded by the lord of the sun, Sun Ra. The album also features original compositions by Allen, and when you hear this kind of jazz, it’s as if you’re being involved in a sonic gangbang where every orifice is filled to the rim, and you don’t know whether to run or make the runs. It is very much the past, present, and future of jazz, and there’s no one who makes music quite like this, and it’s a trip, as Ra always intended. There’s no limit.