VIDEO: Sunmonks’ “Greens”

Need some “Greens” in your life? These days, greens could mean anything from vegetables and smoothies to joints you bought from weed at the dispensary but Sunmonks may have other things in mind in their new track that is a part of their latest single on Digisquad/The Orchard. You can purchase the single below via Bandcamp.

SOME STUFFS: Sunmonks release video from new EP

In A Desert Of Plenty from Geoffrey Knecht on Vimeo.

Sunmonks are their name.

Sunmonks are the duo of Alexandra Steele and Geoffrey CK and s Alexandra Steele.

Sunmonks came out with a new EP last month called In A Desert Of Plenty (Crossbill), so they decided to head out to the desert to shoot a video for the title track to it. If you’d like to hear more, the EP is available below through Bandcamp.