REVIEW: Super Chron Flight Brothers’ “Indonesia”

free image hosting Their last album was one of those where you had to say “damn, where in the world have these guys been all my life?” Super Chron Flight Brothers make the kind of stoned out, bumpy ass hip-hop that makes you want to consume all kind of trippy substances all day and night, imagine if Anti-Pop Consortium shared a bag with Madlib and Blueprint, and it was discovered there was some cocaine in it. Indonesia is stoner hip-hop, where the beats, flows, and song structure are so laid back you might actually pass a joint in the speaker thinking they’re actually in your stereo. What kind of hashish were these guys doing? Whatever it was, I’m just glad the recordings were documented and mixed well, because if it was just a bunch of guys running into a basement and spitting out random crap, it would sound terrible. But there’s a method to their musical madness, what the listener has to do is join them and figure it out.

Apparently there is a CD version of this but only received the MP3, which of course doesn’t reveal the full potential of the sound quality, but if that’s not an issue, then get to downloading.

(Free MP3 download, 122.5mb)