VIDEO: Acapulco Lips’ “Awkward Waltz”

Acapulco Lips photo AcapulcoLips_old_zpsqf9ywxqr.jpg
Before the week is over, Acapulco Lips will release a new album on Killroom Records and the group would like to share the first video made for it called “Awkward Waltz”, directed by Magalie Laroche. The album will be on vinyl and was pressed on a purple record, which you can pre-order by heading here.

The group will be having an album release show in Seattle on the 29th with The Shivas and CHarms scheduled to appear, things will be happening at Tractor Tavern.

AUDIO: Library Voices’ “Zzyzx”

If you’re looking for something rocking and driving, you’ll want to wait next month for Lovish, an album by Library Voices that will be out through Nevado Music on November 6th. The press release says they are shoegaze, surf rockers and perhaps more importantly, Canadian. It’s a triple blast, hear it to find out if it’ll blast you.

REVIEW: Tom Dyer’s New Pagan Gods’ “History Of Northwest Rock Vol. 1 (1959-1968)”

Tom Dyer photo TomDyer_cover_zpsccugrsdl.jpg For Tom Dyer’s new album, he has gathered a few musicians, called them the New Pagan Gods and paid tribute to the old Pagan Gods, specifically the Gods of Seattle rock’n’roll at the dawn of the music up here in the Pacific Northwest.

If you are a longtime resident of the Northwest, you have no doubt heard many of these songs Dyer and friend have chosen to cover on History Of Northwest Rock Vol. 1 (1959-1968), and there may even be a few that you didn’t know had a connection to the Pacific Northwest. He begins the album with a nice version of The Sonics’ “The Witch”, which was also covered nicely by The Mummies. You might see the title “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” and think “wait, Ringo wasn’t from the city of Bremerton” but instead, this rare song was originally performed b Tiny Tony & The Statics on an obscure 45 many collectors continue to hunt for. “Dirty Robber” is attacked quite nicely and fans of The Mummies will also recognize this song too. Here, Dyer pays tribute to Tacoma and the group who made it first, The Wailers. They are given a double tribute with a rendition of the beastly “Out Of Our Tree”, also covered nicely by The Mummies.

The album ends with an awesome version of The Dimensions’ “She’s Boss” but by going through these songs, it’s a way to hear what the Pacific Norhtwest music scene was as it managed to keep itself within semi-obscurity for a few decades as it recorded some of the best songs by some of the best people around. Dyer gets a chance to honor those who came before in the hopes younger audiences will continue on with their new spirit for the future. The album is not only a celebration of incredible garage rock, but rock’n’roll in general, pre-B.S.


SOME STUFFS: Mattson 2 to release new album

 photo Mattson2_old_zps70410223.jpg
Mattson 2 are twin brothers, and they are a duo who will be releasing an album next week Tuesday called Agar (Um Yeah Arts) with the hard copies being released on November 11th. After hearing this song, you will find it easy to wait for the hard copy if you’re not digitally minded. It’s called “Dif Juz”, and their style of pop is enticing if not exciting, with a nice hint of surf music that will bring you to the ocean, if not the ocean of the mind. They will be going on tour this fall, head out if you can.

AUDIO: Free Time’s “Esoteric Tizz”

Free Time are ready to release a new 7″ single next week Tuesday called “Esoteric Tizz” and if you’re thinking “the song cannot be as imaginative as the title, this is why there’s a player for it below. Take a chance and listen. The record will be released by Underwater Peoples, which you may order by heading here.

If you’re in New York next month, stop on by at these venues when Free Time are performing:
September 10… New York, NY (Cakeshop) ^
September 21… Brooklyn, NY (Glasslands) *

^ w/ The Stevens
* w/ Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, Cassie Ramone, Liam Betson

VIDEO: Guantanamo Baywatch’s “Love This Time”

This song sounds like something straight out of the early 60’s, or something you might have played alongside The Mummies, The Phantom Surfers, or Thee Headcoats. They are Guantanamo Baywatch, who play a style of surf/garage rock that rips hard, and the song is from the split 7″ they did with Natural Child, to be released very soon on Suicide Squeeze Records.

SOME STUFFS: Tough Age to go on first-ever tour

 photo ToughAge_old_zpsc5e3143b.jpg
With the release of their debut album last year (my review of which can be read by clicking here), Tough Age are antsy to rock everyone they come across, and they’re going to get a chance at the top of March with a tour that will lead them to this year’s SXSW. While one could say they made their first music video as a way to celebrate their tour plans, that’s not the case. They just felt it was time to get into the video realm, and it’s a means of promotion, just like the tour. First, the dates. They will be joined by Jay Arner and Terry Malts along the way.

March 1… Vancouver, BC (Heaven #)
March 7… Seattle, WA (Heartland)
March 8… Portland, OR (Foggy Notion)
March 9… Boise, ID (TBA)
March 10… Salt Lake City, UT (Diabolical Records)
March 11… Denver, CO (Three Kings)
March 13… Austin, TX (Headhunters) (Mint Records Day Party at SXSW)
March 15… Austin, TX (Maggie May’s)
March 17… Albuquerque, NM (Gold House) *
March 18… Flagstaff, AZ (TBA)
March 19… Las Vegas, NV (Hellpop) *
March 20… San Pedro, CA (TBA)
March 21… Los Angeles, CA (TBA)
March 22… Oakland, CA (Night Light) ^
March 23… Stockton, CA (Bus Stop)

* with Jay Arner
^ with Terry Malts

Now you can watch the VHS memories in their video for “I Waste Too Much Time On Myself”.

VIDEO: Holy Wave’s “Wet and Wild”

A bit of psych with a pinch of garage and rock is about to enter your mind and thus your life with Holy Wave, who have made a video fora song on their latest album Relax (The Reverberation Appreciation Society). “Wet And Wild” may sound like something close to a water theme park or maybe something seductively sexual, or both. The video itself has the feel of classic promotional film clips from the late 60’s or something you could watch at a drive-in movie theater, or both.

Relax will be released on January 28th and can be ordered below via Amazon or directly from Austin Psych Fest.

REVIEW: The Growlers’ “Guilded Pleasures”

 photo TheGrowlers_cover_zpsccf651bf.jpg The album is called Guilded Pleasures (Everloving) but I found myself wondering when the pleasure would make itself known. The Growlers play this kind of surf-meets-lounge style, and normally I would eat that stuff up as I am a fan of both styles. Then you have a singer that sounds like Bob Dylan and while I’m not thrown-off by the novelty of it, I wondered if this was all they were going to offer me. I tried getting into the songs, then the construction of the songs into an album, and I found myself coming up with various words, all of which lead to me thinking “I just don’t like this”. Or I should say, it’s not that I hate it, but I don’t find myself drawn to anything, enough to make me want to play this repeatedly. If this was played within a playlist of other artists that sounded the same, it would get completely lost because I could not detect anything different. A pass on this one.

VIDEO: The Shivas’ “Baby I Need You”

You could giggle and say Whiteout! at the end and have it be some silly tribute to Liquid Paper, but someone might mistake it as a tribute to The Shivas’ current album, Whiteout! (K). This is where you’ll be able to find “Baby I Need You”, which was turned into a video by The Shivas themselves. It sounds like a song you could shag too, so shag with a loved one and let the ocean touch your feet gently.