RECORD CRACK: New Melvins split 12″ to be released tomorrow

Melvins photo Melvins0215_cover_zps5cf2c6c8.jpg
Amphetamine Reptile’s Sugar Daddy Splits Series continues with installment #13 and this time, Melvins are teamed up with Karp. The Karp folks will deliver “Rowdy” and “Bacon Industry” while our friends in Melvins deliver a live version of “Boris”. The record itself will look something like this.
Melvins photo Melvins0215_record_zps27950c6c.jpg

They will be made available tomorrow, February 9th at 2pm pacific/5pm Eastern, 10pm UK. Adjust your alarms accordingly, and head to at the right time. As with most Melvins-related records in limited series, once this is gone, you have to deal with the eBay mafia fiends. If I could afford them all, I would but sometimes being a Melvins fan doesn’t mean having everything. As for you, get them.