BOOK’S FOODIE: Korean penis ice cream (from Eat Your Kimchi)

It’s one thing to have ice cream that’s quite delicious, but then to try out some of the different ice creams made in South Korea. Now you add something else: penis. Um… what’s going on here, or even the better question: what type of penis is it? The great Eat Your Kimchi channel discovered it and decided to try it out for themselves.

BOOK’S FOODIE: The Double Dutch Cooking Show featuring Asher Roth (from Maker Music)

The latest installment of The Double Dutch Cooking Show welcomes in special guest Asher Roth, where he and the hosts talk about new music while brownie cakes are made. Sounds good? Excellent. While you’re assembling the ingredients to make the brownie cakes, also pick up RetroHash, which was released yesterday.

BOOK’S FOODIE: Valentine’s Day Candy, vegan style (from Tastemade)

So you’re in love like a Wilson Philips or Ratt song, and you know damn well it is very easy to head to a store and buy your loved one a box of candy for Valentine’s Day. Maybe you’re one of those people who feels like not impressing a loved one, you simply are going to do so with nothing but your charm but it doesn’t hurt to find some chocolates or some kind of sweets. If your loved one happens to have dietary concerts or is vegan, that may be a bit of a problem. It doesn’t have to be, as host Laura Miller shows us in her new segment of Raw. Vegan. Not Gross on the Tastemade channel. If you already make desserts, then making some vegan candy shouldn’t be too hard to do. The recipe can be found on the YouTube page for the video. The not-so-secret ingredient? Coconut butter.

BOOK’S FOODIE: Girl Eats Food – Getting High on Chocolate (from Vice)

From Vice comes a new episode of Girl Eats Food, and is there a way to get high from chocolate? Maybe not a genuine high but then again, you know how those scientific studies are. You eat a couple of big bars and it’s a gateway to more chocolate and hashish, maybe together. I do not know. Is this meant to be comedic? Informative? Sexy? Yes, maybe, perhaps, I still don’t know. Find out what happens.

BOOK’S FOODIE: Chop & Brew – Episode 15: Making Pie From Scratch

It was my grandfather who once told me “I like pie”, and I love a good pie. In this episode of a show called Chop & Brew, they explain why making a pie from the ground up is much better than anything you could buy that’s store-made. Can you buy one from a good bakery? Sure you can, and you would be showing support but if you can make one, set some time aside to do so. Make one right now.

BOOK’S FOODIE: The benefits of eating chocolate (from

The benefits of eating chocolate? WHAT?! I like exploring chocolate when I can, but as with all foods, it has to be done in moderation and of course, within your budget, because some of the chocolates out now can be fairly pricey. Dietician Ashley Koff was interviewed for The Daily Meal to talk about what some of those benefits are, and how to select a good chocolate, along with knowing the difference between a good and bad one, especially for the money. Unfortunately, the embed option wasn’t made available for this so you’ll have to click here to view this six minute video.

Wearing this T-shirt may be a good thing to share your chocolate obsessions.
I'm On A Chocolate Diet photo ChocolateDiet_T_zps1b749777.jpg
I'm On The Chocolate Diet photo ChocolateDiet_T-design_zps25de5f0c.jpg

BOOK’S FOODIE: How to make cream puffs (from The Vegetarian Baker)

So you love your cream puffs, but don’t want to spend a lot of money buying them from your favorite bakery, and your local market isn’t as good as you’d like for them to be. Make your own. This comes from The Vegetarian Baker but you don’t have to be a vegetarian to like or make them. The recipe can be read and/or printed from the YouTube page for the video.

BOOK’S FOODIE: Nutella French Toast Rolls (from One Pot Chef)

So you’re a Nutella freak, huh? You and a million other people, you are definitely not alone, and maybe as you’re spooning the jar, you wondered “what would this taste like on some of my favorite breakfast meals?” Maybe you already have it on a regular basis with pancakes or crepes but here’s a recipe of interest from the One Pot Chef: Nutella French toast rolls. BOO-YAA! Take that and make it in the morning (or anytime of the day, it’s your call.)

RECORD CRACK/BOOK’S FOODIE: Pie & Vinyl – Record Store Day 2013 (405tv documentary)

Here’s a video that combines two of my passions: records and food. It’s a short documentary (just under 20 minutes) created by The 405 about a little record store in Southsea, England (just outside of Portsmouth) called Pie & Vinyl Record Cafe. Not only are they a devoted and dedicated record store, but they also serve pies, primarily savory but also occasional sweet pies as well. This was shot this year during Record Store Day, and it’s a chance to find out why they’re devoted to giving people records and pie to people to desire one or the other, or both. This is a store/cafe I would love to visit, not only to try out items in their menu, but to see what kind of vinyl goodies may be lurking.