AUDIO: Astari Nite’s “The Girl Who Tried”

“Astari Nite channels an obscure beauty in the crossfire between new-wave and post-punk” is what the press releases says but do want to believe it? I’m dingling a new track from them so I am hopeful it is enough to convince you to take a listen. It is from their latest EP Dreams Of Majesty (Cleopatra Records (US)/Danse Macabre (Europe)) and is the second single from it.

AUDIO: James Gardin & Terem’s “GO!”

This is not just a mere collaboration, this is an adventure and what an adventure this is. From Michigan is James Gardin, who worked with French producer Terem to do a song called “GO!”, which may have been done with a winter mentality but with hope that better things are ahead. More music from them will be on its way.

AUDIO: Night Club’s “Dear Enemy”

Night Club photo NightClub_old_zpsgdkrr8wp.jpg
Requiem For Romance is the official title of the forthcoming album by Night Club and everyone involved wants to share a track from it. This is called “Dear Enemy”, which may be about the dark powers that be or perhaps even you. Maybe it is about themselves, it is unknown but then again, maybe the answers are in the song. The album will be out on October 7th, which is when they’ll also start a tour beginning in San Francisco at the album release show.
October 7 San Francisco, CA (DNA Lounge – Turbo Drive) (LP release show)
October 8… Phoenix, AZ (The Grid)
October 14… Denver, CO (Synth Prom at 1010 Workshop)
October 21… Brooklyn, NY (Trans Pecos)
October 22… Newark, NJ (QXT’s)
October 30… Los Angeles, CA (TBA)
November 10… Austin,TX (Nite School at Cheer Up Charlie’s

AUDIO: Chelan’s “Beams”

Chelan are a band not from Chelan, Washington but from Joshua Tree, California who will be releasing a new album very soon called Vultures. You’ll have to wait until August 26th to hear it in full but they want to share a cut from it in the form of “Beams” so let it hit you. If you’ve been waiting for new music from them for awhile, your wait to hear more is not too long.

AUDIO: Kingdoms’ “Hotline Bling”

 photo Kingdoms_old_zpsdvwalfab.jpg
Never judge a book by its cover. If you see these gentlemen, who call themselves Kingdoms, you might not expect for them to do a hip-hop song or if you do, you might think “they’re going to do something old school.” For them, they went to Drake and what song did they choose to record? His latest hit, “Hotline Bling” and you may be saying “they’re doing “Hotline Bling”?” Again, never judge a book by its cover so now press play and see if you are satisfied.

RECORD CRACK: Mobile Clones 7 inch EP from 1980 to be reissued as a 10 inch with bonus tracks

Mobile Clones photo MobileClones_covers_zps0vedwomq.jpg
Mobile Clones released an EP in 1980 that has gained a small but devoted following from those who came to discover it in different ways. 35 years later, the EP from the Vancover-based group will be nicely reissued. Abrasive Air will be released as a 10″ EP, an expansion from the record’s original 7″ format, and that will mean much better sound quality with the remastered sound. On top of that, the EP will feature two songs from the sessions that were not released until now.

The record can be ordered and will be available in two color variations:

  • black vinyl
  • clear vinyl
  • VIDEO: Tiny Fireflies’ “Taken”

    From Chicago comes Tiny Fireflies, a duo who have developed their love of singing, songwriting, and lush melodies. Their new album, released a few weeks ago, is called The Space Between and they’ve turned “Taken” into a wonderful video that is a perfect visual companion, at least I think so. If the song moves you to want more, check out the album below via Bandcamp.

    VIDEO: Seventeen Evergreen’s “Observatory Crest”

    Seventeen Evergreen photo 17Evergreen_old_zpsgrjog9uo.jpg
    Epiphanie Solaire is not only the title of a new EP by San Francisco duo Seventeen Evergreen, the EP is out on vinyl (a limited edition one at that) through Spiritual Pajamas. The record came out on September 25th and they just released a video for one of its song, so check out their cover of Captain Beefheart’s “Observatory Crest” and see how you are immersed in its vibe. The video was directed by Brian Ziffer.