RECORD CRACK: Mobile Clones 7 inch EP from 1980 to be reissued as a 10 inch with bonus tracks

Mobile Clones photo MobileClones_covers_zps0vedwomq.jpg
Mobile Clones released an EP in 1980 that has gained a small but devoted following from those who came to discover it in different ways. 35 years later, the EP from the Vancover-based group will be nicely reissued. Abrasive Air will be released as a 10″ EP, an expansion from the record’s original 7″ format, and that will mean much better sound quality with the remastered sound. On top of that, the EP will feature two songs from the sessions that were not released until now.

The record can be ordered and will be available in two color variations:

  • black vinyl
  • clear vinyl
  • FREE DL/VIDEO: Math The Band’s “January, 2008”

     photo MathTheBandSAW_cover_zpsd1443d9a.jpg
    Here’s one way of looking at the post. The content was made known to me almost two weeks ago. I read it, but with the overwhelming amount of other e-mails I received, I foolishly allowed myself to let it go, when I should do what I normally do and post it as soon as I read it. Sometimes I wait a few hours, but there are times, like this one, where I feel like I had forgotten but I didn’t, I’m reading the press release. Then I read the press release again and seeing as it’s for a new album by Math The Band coming out on February 4th, and knowing that it is February 1st as I write this entry, I create a mental and metaphorical *phew* and feel it is okay to be a little late on this, in the hopes no one will know that I was late. If you read this paragraph in full, I want you to forget everything you just read and make pretend this paragraph is imaginary. Ready? Let’s begin.

    Math The Band are ready to release a new album called Stupid And Weird (Anchor Brain) and for a limiting time, they’re giving everyone a chance to listen and download a song from it to get people familiar with this new project. The song is called “January, 2008”, an odd title considering it’s February 2014, is there a reason they are reviving something that refers to what happened in the…

    OH CRAP, you see what I just did? I’m not really making fun of Math The Band but by not doing so, I’m also making fun of what I didn’t do which… if you forgot or don’t know that this post had a paragraph that you didn’t see… um… listen to “January, 2008” and pretend… eh, don’t pretend, check the song and if liked, consider getting the full album when released on Tuesday.