VIDEO: DotMob’s “Shooter For Hire”

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When I see something new from DotMob in my e-mails, I can’t wait to find out what it is and in this case, it’s a new video directed by SevOne for “Shooter For Hire”, a track that may shoot you with desire if needed. The song is not on their Fuxk The Politics street album but if you liked that, you’re going to seriously love this.

FREE MP3 DL: DotMob’s “Mourning Homicide”

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Murda Mook, T-Rex, and Dutch Brown merge together once again as DotMob with a freestyle of sorts called “Mourning Homicide”, the beat of which is taken from the incredible song by Cool Breeze called “Watch For The Hook” but it’s 2016 and the DotMob are watching, spocking, rocking, and jocking but not mocking the hook so here it is. The song can be found on the superfresh Fuxk The Politics street album.

AUDIO: DOTMOB featuring Cooley Cash’s “F.U.N. (Fuxkin Unbelievable Night)”

If you are not a player and just like the buttfaluck, you’ll want to check out a new song by Murda Mook, T-Rex and Dutch Brown, who together are called DOTMOB. It’s called “F.U.N. (Fuxkin Unbelievable Night)” and they are buttfalxkin for all time. The song is taken from the crew’s Fuxk The Politics, make sure and your significant other to nut while listening.

RECORD CRACK: T. Rex reissues on the way

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Most of the world may only know T. Rex for one man: Marc Bolan, but Tyrannosaurus Rex were originally a duo with Bolan and musical partner Steve Peregrin Took. Together, they created some of the most powerful, moving, and psychedelic rock’n’roll of the late 60’s which moved many to form their own bands so if you’ve never heard the early and primal Tyrannosaurus Rex, you’ll be able to get a chance as their three albums are being reissued.

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Bolan and Took released three albums as Tyrannosaurus Rex: My People Were Fair And Had Sky In Their Hair… But Now They’re Content To Wear Stars On Their Brows, Prophets, Seers & Sages: The Angels Of The Ages, and Unicorn, with the first two released in 1968. Unicorn became the group’s debut in the United States when it was released on Blue Thumb Records. Each album will now be released as 2-record sets, with bonus tracks filling up the second record. All of the bonus tracks for each album will also be found on each respective CD versions. Mark Paytress does liner notes for each deluxe edition that will be packaged in a booklet.

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Each album will also have three 7″ limited edition singles, one for each album which are exclusive to the UK. They will consist of:
A: Strange Orchestras – John Peel’s Top Gear 1968 (1:40) / B: Chateau In Virginia Waters – Joe Boyd Session (2:45)
A: Consuela – Take 3 (2:27) /B: Wind Quartets – John Peel’s Top Gear 1968 (2:50)
A: Nijinsky Hind – John Peel’s Top Gear 1968 (2:17) / B: Blessed Wild Apple Girl – Take 2 (2:43)

All of them will be released by Polydor/Universal Music on January 26th. Since these albums have a faithful audience in the UK and Europe, they are only being released in the UK, which means if Americans want to have the vinyl pressings, you’ll have to pay import prices. You may pre-order them below via Amazon.



SOME STUFFS: Audio Fidelity to release two volume “Legends” CD compilation

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Steve Hoffman has released a wide range of CD remasters and compilations that have demanded his expertise, and how he’s handling a new compilation, this one a two volume series in cooperation with Time-Life Music. Called Legends, one volume is called Crank It Up while the other is called Get It On, bringing together 34 of some of the best classic rock ever made, most of which were radio staples back then, as they are now.

A few of these tracks have been remastered by Hoffman before while others are brand new to the scene. The compilations feature music from the likes of Chicago Transit Authority, Grateful Dead, Foghat, Elton John, The Doobie Brothers, Phil Collins, Alice Cooper, Bad Company, T. Rex, Deep Purple, and many more. If you haven’t bought the full album remasters Hoffman has gone recently for some artists, consider these tracks a preview of what you’re missing out on.

Each album will be released on a hybrid SACD, which means they’ll play on standard CD players as they will on Super Audio CD players. All of these were taken from the original master tapes, which means they may be the best you’ll ever hear these songs. Both volumes will hit stores on June 4th.

SOME STUFFS/RECORD CRACK: T. Rex albums to be reissued by Fat Possum

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Even though he is primarily known for one hit song, the influence of Marc Bolan is still evident in many of today’s pop and rock artists. Bolan, through his band T. Rex, will have his music reissued by Fat Possum on vinyl, CD, and as MP3’s.

The first album in this reissue series to be released will be The Slider. The CD and MP3’s will be released next week (October 26th), while the vinyl will be out on November 23rd. The vinyl and CD can be pre-ordered directly from Fat Possum, while the MP3’s will be available next week through your favorite MP3 merchants, including,t=1,mt=video