AUDIO: J. Rhodan featuring Taelor Gray and Sean C. Johnson’s “Honey”

Illect Recordings are looking to begin 2017 off nicely with a new track by J. Rhodan, who will be releasing a new EP very soon called Each Sold Separately. “Honey” is a track he did with Sean C. Johnson and Taelor Gray and if just reading those names are getting you all ting-a-lay, wait until you hear this and then wait for the EP to drop. Stream the song, then order the MP3 below via

VIDEO: Taelor Gray & Armond WakeUp’s “The Only Us”

If you have been wondering where that good hip-hop is, that inspirational hip-hop is, where that dope this is, it’s still around. Have you looked hard enough? Well, I know how difficult it can be to find something in a world full of muck but I’m glad you got in touch with me, for I have something to share with you. “The Only Us” is a new single by Taelor Gray and Armond WakeUp, have a listen or allow the visuals to pull you through. Gray’s new album will be out next week called The Straw Man and while “The Only Us” will not be on there, the video is a chance for you to get more into their music if you are new to them.

AUDIO: J.Kwest featuring Armond Wakeup & Taelor Gray’s “I Woke Up (Tye Hill Remix)

This song is as nice as a cool, refreshing drink (get it?) and the one to offer it to you is J.Kwest, and this Tye Hill remiox of “I Woke Up” also brings in Taelor Gray and Armond Wakeup to complete the equation for a dope ass time. This one ends the year off nicely with hopes of more goodness to come in the year to come.

AUDIO: The Battery featuring Christon Gray & Taelor Gray’s “Lazy Susan”

If you’re looking for something nice and powerful in hip-hop right now, you may have a lot of choices but please consider The Change Up, the new album on Illect Recordings by The Battery. “Lazy Susan” was produuced by Peace 586 and also features Christon Gray and Taelor Gray dropping rhymes within.