SOME STUFFS: Audio Fidelity go “soundtracking” with new remasters

Audio Fidelity: Soundtrack Remasters photo AF_STDKcovers_zps78melqvz.jpg
Holiday season will be a good one for fans of the Audio Fidelity label, especially if you are a soundtrack album collector. Come November 27th, the audiophile label will not just release one soundtrack, but three of them.

  • The first one is the soundtrack to Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, which was done by John Williams, who won two Grammy’s for it. This will be the first time it is getting a (hybrid) SACD release.
  • The second one is for the 1980 film Cruising, and was put together by Jack Nitzsche, who brought in the then-new music of the era, which was new wave and punk, so it features tracks by John Hiatt, The Germs, Willy DeVille, Ruff Trade, The Cripples and much more. The album has circulated in circles for years, now it is getting its debut digital release.
  • The third and final reissue for the James Caan-starred film Thief, which featured a soundtrack done by Tangerine Dream. This reissue is vinyl-only, a nice 180g audiophile pressing, so this one will be a juicer.

    The Thief soundtrack is the only one currently available to pre-order through Amazon, so click the link below:
    Tangerine Dream-Thief