AUDIO: Lakker’s “Pylon”

Photo by Eileen Carpio
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Lakker’s EP Containing A Thousand And The Mountain Divide resulted in a good amount of buzz, enough for them to go ahead and put together an album. The album is ready to go and will be out via R&S Records on May 12th, and it’s called Tundra. Fans who are into the inner depths of techno and electronic pulse sensations will really like how adventurous these guys get while still maintaining a sense of capturing something that could be hit worthy. Have a listen to “Pylon”, then imagine what the rest of the album will sound like.

FREE MP3 DL: Alesia’s “Featuring Nömak”

Alesia photo Alesia_old_zps46c3a5d4.jpg
They’re French and apparently have a very Castlevania-esque dark techno track featuring fellow French underground dweller Nömak“, perhaps the perfect lure to bring you in, right? They are Alesia and the song is or isn’t called “Featuring Nömak”. In other words, either the title of the song is called “Featuring Nömak” or the song has no title and it just happens to be featuring Nömak. Find out (or not) for yourself.

REVIEW: Powell’s “11-14”

Powell photo Powell_cover_zps2fb2c3ee.jpg Powell has been making music for about five years, including a small amount of EP’s and singles but for those who haven’t been able to check them out, 11-14 (Diagonal) is the best place to begin. The album is a compilation of 18 songs, running at 92 minutes, where new fans are able to discover his fascinating electronic music sounds like compositions in the making, but there aren’t spots where any of the perceived gaps sound wasteful. There are portions of these songs where he gets into a bit of a minimalistic approach due to how he gets into moments of repetition but it becomes passionate drones that are easy to get caught up before you realize you too are a part of his music. You’ll want to hear more projects from him in the future, and then imagine hearing him in any project to your liking. I’d love to be able to see/hear where he goes with this.


VIDEO: Total Fitness’ “Eden At Night”

 photo TotalFitness_old_zpsc04d2539.jpg
Lawrence Lee is a techno producer/DJ out of New York City who works under the name Total Fitness. He is also the co-founded of the Safer At Night label, who released his new EP (his second), Halls Of Eden and frm it is the Jordan Heminway & Blake Cummings-directed video for the song “Edan At Night”.

If you want to hear more, check the stream below.

VIDEO: Paula Temple’s “Deathvox”

(WARNING: Portions of this video has rapidly flashing images that may be unsuitable for some viewers.)

After releasing two songs online from her then-forthcoming EP, Paula Temple has come out with Deathvox (R&S) and after posting the title track a few weeks ago, she has produced a video for the song with help from director Tania Gualeni. The 12″ EP can be purchased directly from R&S Records.

AUDIO: Etnik’s “Unclassified” (full EP stream)

 photo Etnik_old_zpsf3995e8d.jpg
If you’re looking for some new electronic music this Tuesday, you may want to have a listen to a new EP by Etni. Released today vis Bitclap/OWSLA, the EP is called Unclassified, described as being music that “dives into the unexplored side of techno.” Rapper Mykki Blanco even find himself in a song, the title track.

FREE DL: Copi Chon’s “Vulcanvacuum”
Vulcanvacuum is a new album by Russian artist Copi Chon with music where the label states “let your own imagination go on this unusual musical road. The flow of sound will show you the way.” On this electronic journey, it’s not a mission of “anything goes” but when the mission begins, you’ll want to hang on. Eight songs, an adventure for all listeners. Come inside.

AUDIO: Paula Temple’s “Ful”

Exactly a month ago I posted news about an EP by Paula Temple, but at the time I could only reveal the basic facts, no audio. With the release of Deathvox (R&S) on its way on October 28th, she and the label are sharing one of the three songs on it. This one is called “Ful”, which fills up Side 2. The press release calls it “a half-speed techno industrial explosion“. Does it make that impression on you? If so, you’ll have to wait to hear the other two songs. You can pre-order it by heading to R&S Records.

SOME STUFFS: Paula Temple prepared for new EP release in October

 photo PaulaTemple_old_zpsd4372eb6.jpg
Deathvox is the forthcoming EP release from Paula Temple that will be out on R&S Records on October 28th. No audio available yet, but I do have a track listing for it:

1. Deathvox
2. Monstro
3. Ful

That’s it, that’s all I have. I’m sure R&S will have some audio for it very soon, and I’ll post it then but until that then comes around, head to her