AUDIO: Bishup Bicardi featuring Excetera, Termanology & Mic Stylz’s “Light It Up (Remix)

If you’ve heard Bishup Bicardi’s “Light It Up”, maybe you had said “I want to hear a different version of this”. Now, your deepest fantasy has become a true reality with a remix of the song, which features (according to the press release) Excetera from The Camp, Termanology and Mic Stylz. What, I hear you asking? Well, I can’t hear you but what you can listen to is this remix. Listen to it, it is explosives.

VIDEO: Joe Black’s “War”

Joe Black photo JoeBlack_old_zpszudb2uqx.jpg
Cleveland, Tennessee rapper Joe Black has a new song called “War” and what is this song good for? Something of interest to you. He worked with producer Teddy Roxpin to put this together and director Amanda Young for the wonderful visuals


VIDEO: Jeu Green’s “Like Us”

 photo JeuGreen_old_zpsd1d80b48.jpg
Jeu Green has a plan to make himself known by making his music heard, or at least let everyone know his music exists. He will be releasing more music in the weeks to come but right now he unleashes a song produced by Hingeclef & Teddy Roxpin called “Like Us”, which has been turned into a video with director J.R. Saint. He is hoping that people will listen and relate to it, thus may this song pull you in to become a fan.