AUDIO: Terracotta Blue featuring Emily Ehrens’ “Never Leave”

Terracotta Blue is ready to unleash a brand new song and this one will make you “Never Leave”, and for good reason. The song features vocalist Emily Ehrens, who you’ll want to hear more of in the years to come. Have a listen and discover it for yourself.

FREE MP3 DL: PKWY’s “Hiding Behind Fine”

Vocalist Emily Ehrens and producer Terracotta Blue are known as PKWY (“parkway”) and this DC-area group who are on the electro-pop side of life have released a new single that you’ll make you or a loved one think about the next level of things. It’s called “Hiding Behind Fine”, whose keyboard melody may sound like something from a jewelry box but says so much more in it simplicity.

AUDIO: Terracotta Blue’s “DreamVintage (Part 1)”

It’s only one part of a song, which means there is another (or more) on the way. I speak of Terracotta Blue, who is bringing “DreamVintage” into the new year for you and all. If you’re really into it, purchase the track below via Bandcamp.

SOME STUFFS: Terracotta Blue releases “Sweetheart” for the summer
We may be in the first half of spring, but many people are looking forward to the warmth and potential good times of summer, for it may mean a way to spend time with or find a sweetheart to call your own. This is what Terracotta Blue raps about in his new track with Carnegie, and the song is now available for download via Bandcamp. It has a slight Portlandia feel but left of center, if not under.