VIDEO: The Agonist’s “Follow The Crossed Line”

Eye Of Providence (Century Media) is the new album by The Agonist and they are hoping you do not become a protagonist. I’m joking, I just needed to find a way to make a rhyme but I don’t want to waste any more of your time. They’ve made a video for “Follow The Crossed Line” and I hope that you will be inclined to view it, then view it again and if you haven’t bought the album, consider it. Eve Of Providence is available through

VIDEO: The Agonist’s “My Witness, Your Victim”

Photo by Jeroen Aarts
The Agonist photo TheAgonist_old_zps08c0d455_1.jpg
Upon first listen, you might hear the new vocalist froM The Agonist, Vicky Psarakis, and think “wait a minute: is the only thing she does is just growl like a death metal singer?” Keep on listening and she unleashes the harmonies soonafter. If you are familiar with The Agonist, you know of their capabilities but now with a new singer, they are hoping to take things further. The song will appear on their forthcoming Century Media album, Eye Of Providence, due out on the 24th of February.


VIDEO: The Agonist’s “Gates Of Horn And Ivory”

From their Century Media album Eye Of Providence comes The Agonist, who find themselves becoming pretty for the camera in order to make a music video but realize it’s not about the perceived beauty that will make them work or sound good. When you have a song with a title like “Gates Of Horn And Ivory”, it’s not going to get pretty at all.