FREE MP3 DL: The Audible Doctor’s “Southern Hospitality (Instrumental)”

Another nugget of sound has been provided by The Audible Doctor and as with most (if not all) of his work, this one is truly a scorcher. This time he is offering an instrumental so imagine yourself into this, then get out of it but only to find yourself wanting to remain in. What I speak of is “Southern Hospitality” and even if you’re not from there or never visited, you may find this to be a state of mind.

VIDEO: Silent Knight’s “Walking”

It’s another EP release that also doubles as a hashtag, it’s called #Weaknd and it’s by Silent Knight but is it worth the hashtag? Or is it better than just that? The song was produced by The Audible Doctor, so you know you’re about to press play automatically, right? Good. The visuals come courtesy of director Raul Buitrago.

AUDIO: The Audible Doctor’s “The Spring Tape” (EP)

As spring in the northern hemisphere is wrapping up, The Audible Doctor is continuing his Seasons series of EP’s with a new release called The Spring Tape so check him out with a bit of help from Kingpin, Has-Lo, Wordsworth, Davenport Grimes, Tragedy Khadafi, and Masta Ace.

VIDEO: The Sparks Foundation preparing you for “Forever Madness”

Forever Madness is the forthcoming release from The Sparks Foundation, a release that is subtitled The Randy Savage EP. The EP is being done with Wrassle Rap and like most hot wrestling matches, it will be given to you on a Sunday, specifically this coming Sunday, September 21st, just in time for the start of autumn. The EP will feature help from The Audible Doctor, Dave East, Rayven Justice, Billy Jones, Devin Miles, Smoke DZA, Michael Christmas, Mike Cash, Casey Veggins, King Chip, Bad Lucc, Problem, SAYITAINTTONE and Nutco, don’t forget the lineup. Watch the trailer made for it and let it get into your mind, YEEEEEEEAH!

FREE DL: Basement Up & Jay Elly’s “The Get Back”
The Audible Doctor produced this, so this already gets my seal of approval by default but what if it wasn’t good? Well, it is, but don’t take my words for it: listen to “The Get Back”, a new collaboration between Basement Up (Allen Poe and Phorensicz) and Jay Elly, and this one is a winner. Again, don’t take my words for it, but maybe my compliments will motivate you to listen and show support. Please do. Show support, that is.

SOME STUFFS: Maticulous releases new album
Released today, Mello 2 is said to be Maticulous’ follow up to his Mello Instros project from three years ago, and this one features new songs, new beats, and new rhymes for everyone to hear. Guests vocals include that of by yU (Diamond District), The Audible Doctor, Naf Keen, and more. DJ Brace handles some DJ work in “Keep On 2.0”. The entire project was mixed by The Audible Doctor, and you can stream it in full before making a purchase.

VIDEO: The Audible Doctor featuring Chaundon’s “Dirty N***a”

The Audible Doctor: I mean damn, does this guy ever quit? In truth, I’m glad he continues to work *and* make music worth putting on repeat, and now he has a video for a song he did with Chaundon. This one is called “Dirty N***a” and I know, you may be saying “hey man, we know you love hip-hop, why you have to censor the word like that, we all know what it is.” Sure, but having respect goes many ways. I continue that here.

VIDEO: The Audible Doctor featuring Francesca’s “Wings Part 2”

Part two of “Wings” is here, but you may be wondering “wait, where is Part 1?” Go and back track to find out, because that’s not the issue right now for The Audible Doctor. “Wings Part 2” has been turned into a music video with help from Francesca and this is all that you need to know. If you enjoy the song, you can then hunt down Part 1. Got it? Superb.

VIDEO: The Audible Doctor on “The Wake Up Show Unplugged”

You may not be able to find anything better than this and even if you do, just add it to the list of great hip-hop that is being made in 2013. In this case, it’s Brown Bag All-Stars’ Audible Doctor doing what he does best, and this time doing it on The Wake Up Show Unplugged. This was shot on September 21st.

To hear the full meal deal, click play below… and deal.