SOME STUFFS: The Black Lips head to Egypt as part of tour of the Middle East

The best artists are either at work in the studio making new music, on tour, or trying to mix both. It’s about staying busy in this business, the infamous “game”, and with music, you allow yourself to go where the music takes you. Or bring your music to where it can be. The Black Lips just started a tour of the Middle East and have added Egypt to the tour itinerary. These shows will also feature help Lazzy Lung, a Lebanese band that will open for them throughout the tour. Along the way they’ll meet up with 050 Band and Faking It. I immediately asked myself if this tour is being documented in any way and the Vice music channel Noisey is recording everything for visual posterity, while one of these shows will be recorded and broadcast on Sirius XMU. To find out more about The Black Lips’ Super Tour 2012, head to Facebook for the information you require..

September 19… Larnaca, Cyprus (Savino Live)
September 21… Cairo, Egypt (Culturewheel)
September 23… Alexandria, Egypt (Deja Vu)
September 25… Cairo, Egypt (Cairo Jazz)
September 27… Dubai, UAE (Music Room)
October 1… Amman, Jordan (Switch)
October 6… Beirut, Lebanon (Mojo Crew Club)

VIDEO: Diamond Rugs’ “Gimme A Beer (Live in Atlanta)”

Diamond Rugs – “Gimme A Beer” – Live in Atlanta from Partisan Records on Vimeo.

There’s word that Diamond Rugs create music that is popular in strip clubs, which means when you hear them, you’re supposed to stop what you’re doing and thrust at the closest pole. Are you willing to give it a shot? Then here, a live performance of “Gimme A Beer”. Not bad for a band that has yet to release their debut album, but if it gets hips to tip and vibrate and gyrate, who cares about a damn album? Well, the band do of course, but still.

The video was directed by Zack Wolfe.

SOME STUFFS: Diamond Rugs don’t plan on giving damning shrugs with their first effort

You may not have heard of the band Diamond Rugs, but you’ll most likely have heard of some of the guys in the band. Check this out:

Bryan Dufresne (Six Finger Satellite)
Steve Berlin (Los Lobos)
Hardy Morris (Dead Confederate)
Ian Saint Pé (The Black Lips)
John McCauley (Deer Tick)
Robbie Crowell (Deer Tick)

Pretty damn amazing, right? You may be thinking “how in the world is this going to sound? You can take a preview by checking out the song “Gimme A Beer”, which they’re making available for free (click here.) All of them gathered together as most musicians and studio rats do: backstage. One thing lead to this, and when this lead to that, that’s when they decided it might be interesting to jam and see if anything could happen. It did.

There are critics who have made foolish claims that rock is dead, and that’s only because they’re dissatisfied not only by what’s popular, but the fact they’re not able to tap into the crack that is shit. As the old saying goes, fuck that shit. It’s damn good rock for people who give a damn. The album cover will look like this:

While track listings tend to reveal very little, it’s a way for people’s musical curiosity all ting-a-lay:
1. Hightail
2. Gimme A Beer
3. Big God
4. Call Girl Blues
5. Out On My Own
6. Country Mile
7. Totally Lonely
8. I Took Note
9. Blue Mountains
10. Motherland
11. Tell Me Why
12. 100 Sheets
13. Hungover And Horny
14. Christmas In A Chinese Restaurant

Diamond Rugs’ self-titled debut will be released by Partisan Records on April 24th.

VIDEO: Home quality with Black Lips

“I’ll Be With You” looks like it was filmed in 1977, but it was filmed in 2009 as the new music video by The Black Lips. I really like it, as I am a fan of lo-fi 8mm home movies, and the group as you will say got into it as well.

Like the song? You can download it for free (courtesy of Vice Records). The track is from their 200 Million Thousand album, available now through CD Universe.