VIDEO: The Black Opera’s “The Beginning Of The End”

The Black Opera return with the creation of a video for ‘The Beginning Of The End” and this one features Georgia Anne Muldrow singing the choruses to great effect. The song is found on The Black Opera’s The Great Year album, released in late September on Mello Music Group.


FREE DL: The Black Opera featuring Mayer Hawthorne’s “Queen Of Hearts (Oddisee Remix)”

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Let’s look at the facts here: The Black Opera. Boom, sold. Now you add Mayer Hawthorne into the mix: very nice. Oh no, but wait, there’s more: Oddisee did the remix of… STOP! Can’t handle it, right? Oh no, there’s more: the song is being made available as a free download. OH SCHNITT!! Take it, take it, I say!!! This comes courtesy of Mello Music Group, so enjoy it in a nice way.

VIDEO: The Black Opera featuring Mayer Hawthorne’s “Queen of Hearts”

Mayer Hawthorne was asked by The Black Opera to lay some vocals down for a song, and the request was a success. “Queen Of Hearts” is the end result, and a video was made for it to show union between sound and man. The connection between artist and fan can be made when you purchase Libretto: Of King Legend, the album which features “Queen Of Hearts”. No Juice Newton on this one.

FREE MP3 DL: The Black Opera’s “Fxckin Problem”

The Black Opera
What is your problem? Oh, so you got a fxckin’ problem? Oh, you don’t have it yet? Well sir/madam/dude/bro/tita, here it is.

This is a new track by The Black Opera, which is said to be a satirical take on A$AP Rocky’s “Fuckin’ Problem” by covering some of the issues of the day. The track comes courtesy of Mello Music Group.

VIDEO: The Black Opera’s “Balcony”

The Black Opera just released Libretto: Of King Legend (Mello Music Group) this week, and just as they present themselves in music, they do so in a visual manner with the help of a promotional film clip they call “Balcony”. The album is available on vinyl, along with the other trendy digital formats, so check it and them out.

(If you like the video, you can still download the track for free by clicking here.)

FREE DOWNLOAD: The Black Opera “Balcony”

The Black Opera have been getting a bit of a small buzz in online and offline circles, but can that lead to further success? Now define success. Or better yet: define music. It has many answers, but its definition will include The Black Opera. Their new track makes reference to Abraham Lincoln and Rick Ro$$, but how? Go listen.

FREE DOWNLOAD: The Black Opera’s “All Over Disguise (Apollo Brown Remix)”

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BLAST! That’s what you’ll see when you hear this Black Opera track, and maybe you’re already a fan of “All Over Disguise”. However, this is the Apollo Brown remix. Now have you heard these guys? Now have you heard this, guys? Maybe not. Now you can, and if you like, download it for free, courtesy of Mello Music Group.

FREE DOWNLOAD: J. Bizness featuring The Black Opera’s “Giraffes”

“Giraffes” is a new track from J. Bizness, and if you’ve heard his latest album Flight Plan, you may not have heard this yet. This is a bonus track from it, and you have been invited to download this (or stream and listen) to hear it for yourself.

The full Flight Plan album is out now, and can be purchased below via Amazon.

VIDEO: The Black Opera featuring Vaughn G & Jade Lathan’s “The Magician”

Sometimes we need a reminder that hip-hop can be this nice.

Sometimes we need a reminder that a good dose of soul in hip-hop doesn’t have to sound like an Olympic event. It’s not about showing and proving, but doing, and The Black Opera do, as shown in “The Magician”. This will be released on the EnterMission album, due out August 28th. You can take a listen to it in full via Bandcamp, and for those who like hard copy, the compact disc version can be pre-ordered directly from Mello Music Group.

VIDEO/FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: The Black Opera’s “Villains”

The Black Opera have a good thing going for them, and they have a great video to compliment this song, called “Villains”. If you like the song, you can download it legitimately, free of charge by clicking here (4.99mb).