REVIEW: The Good Graces’ “Close To The Sun”

 photo TheGoodGraces_cover_zpsbf91dba4.jpg The Good Graces is a humble product from singer/songwriter/musician Kim Ware, and upon listening to the opening tracks, you may be quick to assume that she is all about keeping to an acoustic basis with music of a folk, country, or Americana nature. As you listen further into Close To The Sun (Fort Lowell), she becomes a bit more than those assumed basics. You can say that Ware cares for the craft of pop music, as the way she develops her songs are intricate yet powerful. The lyrics range from feeling lost or fearful to tunes with stories of love and hope. What I like is how she starts the album with a song called “I Don’t Know Where To Start” before she begins to go through her surrounds and where she would like to be. When she eventually finds a place of comfort, she reaches her last song, “Before You Go”, a song about finding someone she trusts and knowing that she can have one last message as a way to let them know she will always have them in their thoughts. If you are able to think of it, it’s a loosely compiled songs where she goes through the motions and emotions and does it not unlike people like Suzanne Vega or Tanya Donnelly. She even rocks occasionally, which is sure to bring new audiences to her. If you think of it in a different way, while the album doesn’t have a solid concept or a conscious running theme, it is united by the power of something. Maybe metaphorically it’s the sun, or the sun used as a metaphor for the guidance she will keep to herself in her journey. It will help listeners realize that regardless of what one holds as a metaphor, keep to your integrity and you will eventually find your way to the paradise or sunshine you seek.

SOME STUFFS: The Good Graces release new album on Fort Lowell

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Fort Lowell Records had been one of my favorite labels out of Tucson, Arizona and it came to my surprise that they relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina. I guess I wasn’t paying attention but fortunately it was a successful move and the music is continuing on. In fact, they just released a new album yesterday by The Good Graces called Close To The Sun, which has received some favoritism from a small number of website. Now it’s your turn to find out why. The album will be released on vonyl on October 28th so if you do not do the digital thing and prefer to wait until you can hear it on record, wait for four more weeks. You may stream the album in full by heading to Independend Clauses or if you’d like to sample one song from the bunch, listen to “Standing In Line” below.

 photo GoodGraces_cover_zps9376e985.jpg

SOME STUFFS: The Good Graces become “Under The Weather” for new single

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The Good Graces will be releasing a new album Close To The Sun on September 30th, and this one will be a split effort between Fort Lowell Records and the Potluck Foundation. The first single will be released in digital form called “Under The Weather”, and to make it interesting, you’ll be able to download it for free between June 17th and 21st. I’ll make the announcement here when the downloads are ready to go.

The band have two shows in Toronto in their immediate future, please head there and show support.

June 19… Toronto, ON (NXNW, Free Times Cafe, show at 12am)
June 20… Toronto, ON (Handlebar, show at 8pm)

SOME STUFFS: The Good Graces to go on a brief East Coast tour next week

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While they only came out with “Before You Go” as a Valentine’s Day single, The Good Graces are heading out on tour next week as a means to get themselves ready for an album to come, a split effort between Fort Lowell and PotLuck. The album will be called Close To The Sun so if you are fan of theirs, you’ll want to see them at the following spots:

April 17… Atlanta, GA (Vinyl) ǂ
April 19… Shelby, NC (Dragonfly Wine Market)
April 20… Arlington, VA (Galaxy Hut) ƪ
April 21… Brooklyn, NY (Pete’s Candy Store; 10pm)
April 22… Richmond, VA (The Camel)
April 23… Raleigh, NC (Slim’s) Ƿ

ǂ = w/ Wild Child
ƪ = w/ America Hearts
Ƿ = w/ See Gulls, Tracy Shedd

SOME STUFFS: Atlanta group The Good Graces to offer a Valentine’s Day single

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Pretty New Songs/PotLuck Records have a special gift to share for all lovers, lovers to be, and lovers who want love, and the source of this admiration is coming from the state of Georgia. If you are aware of Kim Ware, you know that she runs the Eskimo Kiss label, but she is also the vocalist for The Good Graces. The group have recorded two songs that will become mini-anthems for a new generation, “Before You Go” and ” “From A to F”, the A-side of which you may listen to right now. The single is a co-release with the PotLuck label of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and it will be available digitally next week through The Good Graces’ Bandcamp page.