VIDEO: The History Of Apple Pie’s “Jamais Vu”

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Released today is the new album by The History Of Apple Pie called Feel Something (Marshall Teller) and if you want to feel something, or feel something more, check out the video they made for “Jamais Vu”, the audio of which was posted here a month ago.


SOME STUFFS: The History Of Apple Pie offer a slice of “Jamais Vu”

Two weeks ago, The History Of Apple Pie shared a brand new video, a juicer if you will, for their song “Tame”. The music is a preview of what’s to come on their forthcoming album due out in about a month called Feel Something (Marshall Teller). September 30th is still a bit away but it’s not stopping the group from releasing another song, and this one is called “Jamais Vu”, listenable below. THOAP will announce dates very soon for a tour in the UK and the rest of Europe.

VIDEO: The History Of Apple Pie’s “Tame”

The History Of Apple Pie may not be tame by any means but this is what they decided to call one of their songs. “Tame” sounds like a mixture of material you may hear by Luscious Jackson or Belly while the video could have been found in your own box of VHS tapes you thought you threw away decades ago. The song is just one of the songs that will make it on their album Feel Something (Marshall Teller) at the end of next month.

SOME STUFFS: New album on its way from The History Of Apple Pie

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Been waiting for new music from The History Of Apple Pie for awhile? Your anxieties are about to end when Marshall Teller Records will release Feel Something on the last day of September. It’s mixed and mastered, which means it’s ready to go and you can have a listen to one of its songs at this very moment, called “Tame”. New bassist Joanna Curwood joins vocalist Stephanie Min, drummer James Thomas, and guitarists Aslam Ghauri and Jerome Watson. UK and European tour dates will be announced very soon.

VIDEO: Weaves’ “Take A Dip”

With CMJ on their minds this week, Weaves prepared a video by heading into a church and/or temple for musical worship with their video “Take A Dip” and when I dip, you dip, we dip, including Weaves.

You may or may not see them in clothes of worship this week, but if you are in NYC, find out where they’re playing and with whom… well, below:

October 15… Brooklyn, NY (Ran Tea House (Force Field PR showcase) {8:00pm} *
October 18… New York, NY (Santos Party House (Rice + Cheese showcase) {8:00pm} #

* = w/ Joanna Gruesome, The History of Apple Pie, Celestial Shore, etc.
# = w/ Saul Williams, Odonis Odonis & HSY

SOME STUFFS: The History Of Apple Pie question you to “Be Mine” on new single

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The History of Apple Pie are prepared for the release of their new single on October 14th called “Don’t You Wanna Be Mine?” b/w “Don’t You Wanna Be Mine? (Dreamtrak Remix)” (Marshall Teller), and you are allowed (read “allowed”) to listen to the soon-to-be-hit A-side below.

The 7″ clear vinyl single can be pre-ordered right now from Marshall Teller Records so get to it. Those of you with digital sensibilities can pre-order the single through Amazon below.
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Stephanie Min (vox), Jerome Watson (gits), Kelly Owens (bits), James Thomas (drummist), and Aslam Ghauri (gits) are scheduled to perform at this year’s CMJ in New York City in mid-October, so head there and salute them if they are your personal faves. With the release of “Don’t You Wanna Be Mine” (which for some reason reminds me of Lush), they should become everyone’s favorite.

AUDIO: The History Of Apple Pie’s “See You”

The History Of Apple Pie
What do you get when a group sends a promotional photo of themselves and it consists of two men biting an apple, a lady seductively tasting a lollipop, another lady looking at the camera a bit like Brent Muscat of Faster Pussycat, and some guy glaring with an expression which says “I’m glad to look like a mess and I’m just happy to be here”? In this case you get The History Of Apple Pie, and if their music is as powerful as that history, this group will hopefully be around for a few more years than the norm. This very addictive indie pop/rock/alterna- hoo haa song comes from the quintet’s forthcoming album Out Of View (Marshall Teller Records), due out on January 29th.