SOME STUFFS: First song to come from The Laughing’s new album

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The Laughing‘s style of pop may not be a true view of their Austin, Texas locale, but then again, being from the city may be an indication of their passing to create fine music. The group will be releasing their self-titled album sometime this summer, and they’re sharing a treat in the form of “Disappear”, something I feel the group do not want to do anytime soon. They shouldn’t: they make some damn good sounds that, according to their bio, involves a “fusion of pop and noise rock, offering lo-fi guitar work, fuzzy reverb, glittering synth and indie pop melodies”. I’m sold.

REVIEW: The Laughing’s “Fever”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic The bio for this album compared The Laughing to Roxy Music and Animal Collective, but I also heard early Icicle Works and Tears For Fears. It’s good company, and The Laughing bob and weave through some of their influences to create a wonderful power pop album in the form of Fever (self-released).

A lot of bands may have a trademark sound, just as The Edge has a certain way of playing where you’ll immediately know it’s U2. For Fever they seem to love the jangly guitar of what sounds like a Rickenbacher, consider these guys to be a modern, heavier version of The Byrds, complete with mysterious lyrics and stories (yes, I said it, actual stories) that you’ll want to tell everyone about so you can hear their interpretations of those stories. If there’s another trademark sound, it’s that these guys like to fill their songs with percussion and various other sounds that makes them sound much more bigger and fuller than what the four guys in their photos could provide alone. By adding in a wide range of random sources for sounds and layering their vocals for maximum effect, it adds to an arsenal of music that reveal new things with each listen. To me it takes a progressive rock approach and adds it to their brand of rock and pop. The end result is an incredbly exciting listening adventure that will make you break the chair you’re sitting on as you listen. Play loud.

(Fever will be released on October 27th.)

Elevators (9.3mb)
Help Me (7.6mb)
Runner (8.2mb)