REVIEW: The Navins’ “Not Yourself Today”

Is this alternative, indie pop, or indie rock? In truth, Not Yourself Today (Green Monkey” by The Navins is all of the above and then some. It’s an incredibly tight album with great musicianship and songs that are worth paying attention to so you can remember the verses and chorus as a means to recommend it to everyone. A lot of their songs reminds me of the same power Evan Dando had with The Lemonheads, due to the strength of Cain Morehead and forget regionality: the music here not only represents Seattle but wholesome American alterna-rock, all without fitting in a lot of worn-out cliches. One of the bvest tracks, “What You Do”, is the most gentle of the bunch and could easily be getting a lot of airplay if airplay still mattered these days. Make it matter.