FREE DL: Chromadrift’s “White Noise”
A few days ago, Colorado’s Drew Miller posted a new song under the name Brother Saturn. In his way to continue to explore his creativity and potential, he has released a brand new album but under the Chromadrift name, just to keep his fans guessing. This one is called White Noise, a paranormal-sort of album which has to do to find a way to talk with the afterlife, or at least the songs are in honor of those who are no longer in this existence. The tracks are said to continue the communication, if it was possible to do so. You can stream the album now or download it for free via FLAC lossless or MP3’s via Bandcamp.

AUDIO: Brother Saturn’s “Starlit Waterfall”

Brother Saturn has a new track for everyone to hear called “Starlit Waterfall”, which may come off like anti-minimalism although it depends how you interpret that. It’s quite nice, explore the song slowly but surely and you’ll find it enough to hear it a few more times.

AUDIO: Chromadrift’s “Black Sun”

He has recorded songs under different names in different textures and soundscapes. You may have known him as Brother Saturn, maybe The Northern Hemisphere, or maybe even Aywazlawst, but now as Chromadrift, Drew Miller is showing a broader spectrum of electronic explorations he enjoys going on at any given time. “Black Sun” is his latest project, and this could be meditative, could be tranquil, could be many things and more. Allow the song to be a bit of that “more” you have wanted to feel for awhile.

FREE MP3 DL: Chromadrift’s “Dreaming In Color”

The artist formerly known as Aywazlawst is now making music as Chromadrift. The same man behind The Northern Hemisphere and Brother Saturn is moving on with new music, which will be part of an album being put together for March release. You may listen to “Dreaming In Color” and if you’d like to hear the process of some of these songs, click to Chromadrift’s Soundcloud page.

AUDIO: Brother Saturn’s “Reign Of Triton”

 photo BrotherSaturn_cover_zps4dd1d53f.jpg
Brother Saturn is finding himself to be quite active again, and he has a new song to share with everyone, this one called “Reign Of Triton”. This one nicely explores the soundscape at close to nine minutes, definitely tranquil but also an adventure in itself.

AUDIO: Brother Saturn’s “Infinite Sun”

 photo BrotherSaturnIS_cover_zpsf06c74f2.jpg
Brother Saturn is back with a brand new track, hopefully the start of many things to come for the man. You may also know his worth as The Northern Hemisphere or briefly as Aywazlawst, but he seems to have found a place with the Brother Saturn moniker so he has chosen to find a home and roam around with it. For “Infinite Sun” he explores the spectrum for close to nine months, not wanting the feeling to end just yet. Fortunately, the journey can be replayed many times over.

REVIEW: Aywazlawst’s “I Am Lost” (EP)

 photo Aywazlawst_cover_zps450a33af.jpg Artists often make music under different names sometimes to keep people guessing, or sometimes it’s “just because”. Other times, it may be a way to create one style of music with one name, other styles with other names. The man behind The Northern Hemisphere has decided to put that moniker to rest and try to create some new adventures. He is doing so under the name Aywazlawst (“I was lost”), and while his first EP is called I Am Lost, his music sounds more like someone searching for himself in new territory than someone who may not know how to find his way around.

Unlike some of his previous works which had been on the slightly ambient side of things, these songs could be considered dance-oriented in nature, or at least sounds happy and festive, at least from the outside. If there are darker overtones to be heard, one could say they’re heard in two of the tracks listed as demos, “Solar Highways” and “Sentient Beings”. I take these songs as more of mental travelogues, and may be the closest link one could hear between Aywazlawst and The Northern Hemisphere. In this case, Aywazlawst finds a path that suits him which leads to creating its own identity. The close-to-seven-minute “Solar Highways” could have easily gone on for another four to seven minutes and I would not have minded at all. “Sentient Beings” is easily the most solemn of all of the tracks on I Am Lost, and if one is to associate this with any emotion, it may be that of melancholy, but melancholia that is hoping to find its way out of the darkness, and does. I for one hope that Aywazlawst’s emotional explorations will continue

AUDIO: Brother Saturn’s “Moonlit Borealis”

 photo BrotherSaturn_cover_zpsd82530b0.jpg
You may not recognize the name Brother Saturn, and you may not pinpoint the music at first, but if you’re a frequent visitor of my website and have listened to some of the music I’ve posted in the last few years, you will know of Drew Miller. He releases music as The Northern Hemisphere, and Brother Saturn is a new project from Miller who is exploring new things in his creative output, thus a different moniker.

This Brother Saturn track is brand new, so get yourself comfortable and laid back, then press play and allow yourself to drift off for a moment. If you’d like to hear more work from him, he has released an EP and full length album, both of which can be found on his Bandcamp page. A new album will be on its way before the end of the year.

AUDIO: The Northern Hemisphere’s “Vacant Galaxies”

 photo NorthernHem_cover_zps606b6d0f.jpg
The Northern Hemisphere has quietly uploaded a new song this weekend, this one called “Vacant Galaxies”, perhaps an exploration of outer space… or ones inner space, depending on what direction you want to go. What direction is The Northern Hemisphere heading to? Listen and find out. For further explorations, click on to Northern Hemisphere’s Soundcloud page.