FREE MP3 DL: RRose RRome’s “10 Trap Commandments”

Biggie Smalls died on this day in 1997 and thousands of people online are honoring his music, lyrics, and legacy. RRose Rrome decided to take things one step further by rearranging a famous song and calling it “10 Trap Commandments” so in honor of Big Poppa, have a listen, download it while you can, while supplies last.

FREE DL: Amerigo Gazaway’s “The Big Payback Volume 3: J​.​B. & The Soul Mates”
Amerigo Gazaway has a way of getting the flavor out of the deepness of music, and he has done it once again by turning James Brown’s music inside out and creating The Big Payback Volume 3: J​.​B. & The Soul Mates, merging JB with Fela Kuti, Jeru The Damaja, Bob Marley, Busta Rhymes, Biggie Smalls Mobb Deep, Michael Jackson, and others. This one is a freebie, so stream and listen, then get to downloading.