AUDIO: The Other Guys featuring Tanya Morgan’s “Friends Old & New”

The Other Guys photo TheOtherGuys_old_zpsuzfsv4dk.jpg
It’ll be another week before Life In Analog by The Other Guys will be released but I am able to give you a song to keep you warmed up until July 22nd is here. They are joined with old friends Tanya Morgan to deliver to you “Friends Old & New” and maybe you can become one of their new friends too.

RECORD CRACK: Substantial to release new single as a 45

Substantial photo Substantial_label_zpsbuet4yyk.jpg
Hip-hop as a 7 inch 45 rpm single may not be as massive as a 12″ single but there’s a small but devoted group of collectors who like it, not so much for the collectiility (although I’m sure that’s part of it) but because it’s cool to have. Even better when it’s an artist someone likes and with a devoted audience, Substantial’s new single may soon sell out when released. It’s a co-release between Origu & HiPNOTT Records and it has “Follow The Master” b/w “Cool Mornings, the B-side also featuring singer Deborah Bond. “Follow The Master” is produced by The Other Guys while Algorythm handled “Cool Mornings”, both songs are previously released. You can pre-order the 45 directly from the UK at Origu Records or get an autographed copy if you pre-order below from Bandcamp.

AUDIO: Substantial & The Other Guys’ “The Past…” (EP)
Virginia rapper Substantial is about ready to drop his fourth album very soon but leading up to it will be a series of three EP’s, starting with The Past… (HiPNOTT), which he did with producers The Other Guys. Five new songs will eventually lead to The Past Is Always Present In The Future later in the year, so you know that means the Present and Future EP’s will be just as good as this one. The Past… features contributions from Tanya Morgan’s Von Pea, along with See King and DJ Jav, so stream and listen, then make a purchase.

FREE DL: Substantial featuring Gods’Illa’s “360 Degrees”
A gift from HiPNOTT Records is here in the form if a new song produced by The Other Guys for Substantial. “360 Degrees” also marks the return of Gods’Illa, which is more than welcome to my ears.

VIDEO: Von Pea & The Other Guys’ “Chasing Amy a/k/a In Your Heart”

Von Pea and The Other Guys have a new video off of their To: You album and if you’ve been playing it a lot as of late, you may enjoy that it’s for the song “Chasing Amy aka In Your Heart”.

AUDIO: Von Pea & The Other Guys featuring Jermiside, Che Grand, Aeon, Spec Boogie, ILWIL aka Ilyas, Donwill & Elucid’s “Connect Four aka Lessondary”

Von Pea has another song done with The Other Guys and this time he’s welcoming in THe Lessondary for “Connect Four”, which features Donwill, Ilyas, Spec Boogie, Aeon, and Jermicide in a song that may be one of the best you’ve heard (or will hear) in 2014. Do not deny its greatness.

VIDEO: Von Pea’s “So East Coast”

Von Pea of Tanya Morgan is on a solo mission for the time being, with an album coming out called To: You and for you is the first video from it called “So East Coast”. To: You will be released three weeks from now on November 25th.

VIDEO: The Other Guys’ “15 Cents”

Last week, The Other Guys presented one of their new songs called “15 Cents”. This week, The Other Guys present one of their new videos, which happens to be for the song “15 Cents”. This means you received 30 cents from these guys but after watching and listening, you’ll note that it’s worth so much more. The song is from their latest project Seeds Of Ambition, which you may check out below via Bandcamp.

AUDIO: The Other Guys’ “15 Cents”

Sometimes when you have nothing more than 15 cents in your penny jar, you feel like breaking out and causing damage but don’t think it’s necessary. On top of that, you don’t have a criminal record and your credit is bad as is, why threaten it. The Other Guys know your pain, which is why they made a song called “15 Cents”, which may cover on just dealing with a situation and, as the other saying goes, keeping head above water. If you’d like to hear more from The Other Guys, check out their latest album Seeds Of Ambition below via Bandcamp.