AUDIO: Allen Poe’s “Stage 4”
Allen Poe has a new song that he’d like to lay on you all, and this one was produced by The Other Guys. The song is about knowing friends and family members who may have lost their battles with cancer and in fact, the sales of “Stage 4” are going to charity for cancer research. If you like the song, let everyone know and also show support for a good cause.

VIDEO: The Other Guys’ “Seeds Of Ambition”

Seeds Of Ambition is the debut album The Other Guys will be releasing this Tuesday on HiPNOTT Records. The video is under 90 seconds so I’m not sure why this isn’t longer but maybe that will happen when some fans will purchase the album for themselves. Maybe The Other Guys will need some “Seeds Of Ambition” for themselves to make it happen.

VIDEO: The Other Guys featuring yU & Substantial’s “Memories Fade”

Mark September 10th on your mental calendar, for this is the day the Fearless Record Group will be releasing The Opposite Of Sex, an EP by The Other Guys that brings them together with Diamond District’s yU and Substantial. They’ve made a video for “Memories Fade”, showing that even in this crystal clear digital age, we still have a lot to lose.

FREE DL: The Other Guys’ “The Week Instrumental EP”

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Twelve years ago, I (as Crut) recorded an album called Week, where each song represented a specific day: “michiru (monday)”, “i’m h.e.a.l.t.h.y. (tuesday)”, “ashy (wednesday)” and so on. Twelve years later, The Others Guys try out the idea with their new EP, aptly titled The Week Instrumental EP. The Other Guys are Mighty Joe and Isaiah Insanate Mensah, and call the D.C. area their home. It’s not 100% instrumental, for Von Pea of Tanya Morgan sits in for the “Monday” track while vocalist J. Pope welcomes in “Sunday Morning” with style.

While they call it an EP, the length of the songs sum up to something that is LP length but no matter what you call it, it’s good music, and it is free, although you can also “name your price”, which is a good way of showing your support as a means for the both of them to make more in the future.

REVIEW: The Other Guys’ “The Other Album”

The Other Guys photo TheOtherGuys_cover_zps10b36813.jpg Mighty Joe & Isaiah Insanate Mensah are the duo who may not be the other guys, but as a team they are called The Other Guys. The Other Album consists of music that perhaps is a way of saying “you know of this music and that music? You want something better, or at least something else? Listen to The Other Album and maybe you’ll discover something new.”

While what The Other Guys do on their albums isn’t revolutionary, what they do offer is consistent hip-hop music for those who want something sane and grown. As stated in “Everything:
hold on to it or you might use it
you want to make music, or make a dollar
I want to make a difference with this sentence
Ain’t that the point with this joint, for instance?

They know how to have fun, but they’re committed to the cause of saying something for a reason. Life is too short, they’re going to rock things nicely. Insanate Mensah has a delivery that sounds like someone who writes a lot and often, and knows how to use the right words at the right moments. Mighty Joe’s productions ranges from the acid jazz leanings to nice funky joints that show an appreciation not only for fine production, but the integrity of the album cut. In other words, it would be too easy to use certain samples for the sake of having a single or a hit, but you have to keep people listenings to the other songs, especially if you’re going down the album route. The Other Album isn’t just that other, it’s “this” album and it should be respected for being a priority in a field of junk. This is far from junk. In other words, when it comes to this, that, or other, most of the time I’ll point at and grab the other. Nothing wrong with other.

FREE DOWNLOAD: The Other Guys featuring Substantial’s “When The Music Stops”

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This track is an interesting one, as there are elements that sound… what would be a good way to put it? “Off kilter?” Sometimes the rhymes seem off-tempo, other times the music isn’t in tune with everything else, it’s as of Sun Ra was raised in the 1970’s and grew up as two different MC’s. These are The Other Guys, and this track is called “When The Music Stops”, and to help spread the power of this song, they get Substantial to make the song substantial. It’s a trip, it’s got a funky beat, and I can bug out to it. Just bangin’ pure.

REVIEW: The Other Guys’ “Joe & Insanate’s Excellent LP”

The Other Guys There’s a portion of modern hip-hop that reflects on the music made 20 years ago, but sometimes it captures only an element of what was originally felt. Back then, it was about being forward thinking while honoring the music of the past, along with family and friends. The Other Guys seem to get all of these elements and deliver an exceptional album called Joe & Insanante’s Excellent LP (Fearless Music).

What I find exceptional about this album is that lyrically, they bring their confidence and experience to the table but also a bit of uncertaintly and nerves, which I feel brings their music closer to the listener who also feels the same way. Sure, everyone wants to live the good life and be able to make millions from selling cocaine and bacon, but the real world for most is what they see outside of their front door and when they look in the mirror. They speak about going to college but also about meeting up with failure without fear, so yes, being The Other Guys is very much about talking of “other” things that aren’t part of today’s hip-hop norm but should be. It’s stories both positive and sometimes tragic, but we take the good and the bad and we thus have the fact of life.

On the production side, this could easily measure up alongside Pete Rock, King Shameek, and DJ Pooh where the soul and funk is there but the sample use is done tastefully. Some of the tracks sound like raw demos, as if they went into a basement, borrowed someone’s recording gear and said “hey, this is what we have, let’s just do this.” There are certain spoken word samples that come off too loud into the mix and while I might frown upon that in normal circumstances, here I don’t. It could be a demo or at least has that demo feel, as if I lived in a neighborhood with great MC’s and producers on my block, or I went to the good part of down that everyone hates, but I know I can find some awesome music there. That’s The Other Guys. This album works for me because while it has that classic feel I enjoy, it sounds like now and isn’t solely stuck in another era just to be retro. Music is timeless, and so will be these songs.