VIDEO: The Physics’ “Play It Off”

Maybe in life, you try your best to play it off but it’s not as easy as it may seem. The Physics see how that is in their new song, a track taken from their Digital Wildlife album released last fall.

SOME STUFFS: Seattle’s Grynch shines “Street Lights” on new recording
Grynch is back with an all new album, eleven new songs plus an remix and he’s calling it Street Lights. If you know how he is, you know the man is capable of dropping nicely in a manner that requires for you to listen, and then to listen to it a few times again. The new one features appearances from Slug of Atmosphere, Wizdom, Mario Sweet, Kokane, Bambu, and more, along with productions from Jake One, D-Sane, Justo (The Physics), BeanOne, and… just get the album and find out.

VIDEO: The Bar’s “Coming (To America)”

Kenny’s was a burger place located at the Kam Shopping Center in Kalihi. What was also in Kalihi: the childhood home of comedian Augie Tulba. You know what else was in Kalihi? The bowling alley known as Kamehameha Bowl, a/k/a Kam Bowl, where Chuck Furuya had some ox tail soup with some of his chef friends. What was also ALSO in Kalihi: Prometheus Brown and Bambu, who are united as The Bar, and together they’ve made an album called Barkada (Beatrock music) that will be released next week Tuesday. The album touches on their Filipino-ness, their roots in Hawai’i and Los Angeles, a Pacific and West Coast feel, and so much more. The album was self-proclaimed as a cross between “Nas’ Illmatic and Yall So Stupid’s Van Full of Pakistans.” Now, I’m not a big fan of Illmatic but the moment anyone compares themselves or their music to Van Full Of Pakistans, I’m sold 1000 times. “Coming (To America)” was produced by Seattle producer Justo, who you may know for his work as a member of The Physics.

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VIDEO: The Physics’ “The Goodbye”

Gloomy times during these Pacific Northwest winters will do this to people, and what I speak of is the subject matter for The Physics’ brand new one for the song “The Goodbye”. The track is from their most recent album, Tomorrow People (self-released), and the video is easily one of the best they’ve done so far.

SOME STUFFS: Sasquatch 2012 music festival line-up announced

When music festival line-ups are announced, even in early February, it makes enduring cold temperatures worth it. The annual Sasquatch Music Festival in The George at George (Washington, as in state) will be happening during the weekend of May 25-28, tickets go on sale next week Saturday, February 11th at 10am. Some of the artists scheduled to play there include The Roots, Shabazz Palaces, Grynch, The Physics, Beck, Bon Iver, Tune-Yards, Mogwai, Childish Gambino, St. Vincent, The Walkmen, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, The Mark Lanegan Band, Shabazz Palaces, Araabmuzik, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Howlin Rain, The Physics, and many more. The big headliner will be Jack Black, who recently announced the forthcoming release of his solo album.

For the complete line-up, along with ticket information, head over to

REVIEW: The Physics’ “Love Is A Business”

Photobucket The album cover for Love Is A Business comes with old school vinyl ringwear, which will only be relevant to vinyl junkies. Point? The new album by The Physics has a slight 90’s old school feel that can be felt immediately, but it also depends on how old school you are or want to be. I will say this: this is probably the first and only time in hip-hop’s recorded history I’ve ever heard the line “from th Yakima Valley to the Grand Rapids” used, and that’s a plus in my book.

Territorial lyricism aside, The Physics represent a level of class that comes from simply having respect to the music, regardless of genre. One of my favorite tracks is “These Moments” where they talk about those special times. What makes this work is that while it could be a full on production, the track was mixed without the drums and it ends up having a Little Brother or Foreign Exchange feel. You’re able to hear the string, bass, and vocal samples more clearly, and even though you know the song is missing something, it sounds incredible, call it the hip-hop equivalent of an acoustic version of something known for its guitars and volume. “Chalk Up Tomorrow” is pulled out of some slow jam roots, while “The Red Eye” and “Delusions Of Grandeur attempts to kill listeners and naysayers with their songs and niceness. Niceness? When you hear it, you’ll know what I’m referring to, but it’s nice to hear songs that can relate to anyone and everyone, and their use of vocals isn’t done with any level of humor or irony. “Most Days” sounds like something directly from the Kanye West vaults, and he’d probably love this if he was aware of who these guys are.

Speaking of LB/FE, the one and only Phonte Coleman appears in “Babble” and if you’re a fan of him and his sense of direction in his music, he talks about being serious about putting your all into your work, and the extra dialogue that comes after his verse has to be one of the most humorous things he’s ever put down.

In the end, The Physics still represent Seattle to the fullest, but this album shows that they have become and are much more than the place they call home. In other words, they’re able to take that formula they’ve created/perfected for themselves and bring it to any city, state, and country, allowing fans to check out a side of the Emerald City most people outside of the Pacific Northwest aren’t aware of, which in turn will hopefully get people to explore every aspect of The Physics, and some of the other artists in and around Seattle who are showing the quality of their hard work and craft. If this music is being put together as A Business, then yes, this is very much Love. Woo woo.

VIDEO: The Physics’ “These Moments”

The Physics -These Moments (Video by Zac McConnell) from Zac McConnell on Vimeo.

The Physics will be releasing a new album very soon, and “These Moments” is their new video, directed by Zac McConnell. What I love about this song is that it starts out in a way that makes you want to keep listening, and then you realize wait… there’s something missing. By the end, as downtrodden as you felt, you realize damn, I like how it worked out. Listen and figure out what’s missing.