SOME STUFFS: The Reptilian make cuddling with lizards fantastico

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They are The Reptilian, and their Boy’s Life album (Count Your Lucky Stars) has been gathering a collective of approving thumbs from many. People love their brand of uncontrolled rock, although with many calling them “math rock” there has to be some kind of control and organization. What people like about them is how you can’t tell.

As they head out on tour, the group just recorded music tonight for a 4-way split LP, which means an album with them and contributions from their Count Your Lucky Stars labelmates: Annabel, Joie De Vivre, and Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate). With new music freshly recorded, they hit the road tomorrow. Here is their on road path:

DEC 30 – Dekalb, IL @ The Zappa Zappa Zappa House w/ Loose Lips Sink Ships, Joie de Vivre
DEC 31 – St. Louis, MO @ LEMP Arts Center w/ Cloud Mouth, Native, La Dispute
JAN 01 – Warrensburg,MO @ 141 Grover w/ Cloud Mouth
JAN 02 – Forth Worth, TX @ 1919 Hemphill w/ Cloud Mouth, Native, La Dispute
JAN 03 – Friendswood, TX @ Stevenson Park Pavilion w/ Cloud Mouth, Giant Battle Monster
JAN 04 – San Antonio, TX @ TBA w/ Cloud Mouth, Sohns
JAN 05 – Austin, TX @ Trailer Space Records w/ Cloud Mouth, Empire! Empire!
JAN 06 – Dallas, TX @ TBA w/ Cloud Mouth, Big Fiction
JAN 07 – Louisiana @ TBA w/ Cloud Mouth
JAN 08 – Little Rock, AR @ 315 Schiller w/ Cloud Mouth
JAN 09 – Memphis, TN @ TBA w/ Cloud Mouth
JAN 10 – Nashville, TN @ Little Hamilton Collective w/ Cloud Mouth
JAN 11 – Louisville, KY @ House of Wax w/ Cloud Mouth
JAN 12 – Chicago, IL @ Ronny’s w/ Cloud Mouth, Noumenon, Former Theives
JAN 13 – Kalamazoo, MI @ The Strutt w/ My Heart to Joy. Victor! Fix The Sun
JAN 14 – Grand Rapids, MI @ 3040 Hollister SE w/ My Heart to Joy, Victor! Fix The Sun
JAN 22 – Traverse City, MI @ American Legion Hall w/ La Dispute, Loudcat and Tiger

The band still needs help in a few of these days, so if you can be of assistance, please email

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: “I’ll Ram My Ovipositor Down Your Throat And Lay My Eggs In Your Chest But, I’m Not An Alien!” (5.9mb)