VIDEO: Death Angel’s “Lost”

The Evil Divide (Nuclear Blast) is the forthcoming album from Death Angel that will be released this Friday, which you can pre-order below via Amazon. To hear what they’re up to and where they’re heading, check out the new video for “Lost”, directed by Tommy Jones.

VIDEO: Gruesome’s “Dimensions Of Horror”

The men of Gruesome have an EP due out later this month called Dimensions Of Horror (Relapse) and they’re nice enough to create the first video for it, and it’s the title track. The EP will be out on May 20th but the video can be viewed, well, now!
You can also pre-order the EP right now too, head below and hit the cover which will take you to

VIDEO: Artillery’s “Live By The Scythe”

Penalty By Perception (Metal Blade) is the new album by Artillery and if anyone needs proof that heavy metal is still one of the strongest musics in the world, have this on for size. The video is for “Live By The Scythe” and with that said, you may find yoruself also dying by the scythe. The album will be out on March 25th and you may pre-order a copy below via by clicking the cover.

VIDEO: Lost Society’s “Hangover Activator”

Nuclear Blast has a new one in their hands and it’s by Lost Society. This Finnish thrash metal band wants to give you a bit of that “Hangover Activator” and while Activator (as in the brand name) may mean something else to others, this is a different kind of activator that has nothing to do with topping your hair. It’s from the band’s Braindead album released last Friday so if you like what you see and hear, opt for the album below directly from

LYRIC VIDEO: Zygnema’s “The Phoenix Effect”

Zygnema photo Zygnema_old_zpsbpyro94f.jpg
You may know about “extreme” metal from places like Brazil, Germany, or Sweden but have you ever heard of a thrash band from India? Then get to know Zygnema. Their new album is called What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete and they’ve made the first video in support of it called “The Phoenix Effect”. It states it’s a “lyric video” but it works as an official video too.

AUDIO: Exumer’s “The Raging Tides”

Exumer’s The Raging Tides (Metal Blade) is a bit of the glory of thrash and speed metal from the early to mid-80’s but proving the glory of that sound still loves on decades later. You’ll hear more than the album drops on January 29th but to get warmed up for it, listen to the title track. The CD can be pre-ordered through

SOME STUFFS: Expander hi-pro their new EP

Austin, Texas band Expanded had recorded a 6-song EP and pressed it up themselves, only made 25 copies on cassette and decided to see if a few copies would sell. It did and Caligari Records decided to give the EP new pressing done on professional tapes and nice looking covers. Only 150 copies were made on cassette but if you are someone who loves thrash and hardcore with blasts of crust and punk, you’ll really enjoy what these guys have to offer. Stream the EP above and if you want to go for the cassette, you can find out how to order by heading to Caligari Records.