SOME STUFFS: HO99O9 at Afrofest this afternoon

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If you’re heading to the Afrofest today in Brooklyn at Commodore Barry Park, you will definitely want to spock the band who call themselves HO99O9. They released two new songs specifically for their appearance at the festival (they’ll be on the Black Stage at approximately 1:45pm), which happens to be part of a newly made fanzine called The Beginning Of The End. To take a look at it, and also check out the two new songs, head to To hear other songs, click to HO99O9‘s official Soundcloud page.

VIDEO: Arch Enemy’s “No More Regrets”

Three months ago, Arch Enemy presented a video from their latest album War Eternal (Century Media). Now that the album was released last week, another fine video for the masses, this one called “No More Regrets”.


RECORD CRACK: Wehrmacht, Disintegration united in new 7″

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On one side you have one of the best metal bands to come from the Pacific Northwest, Portland’s Wehrmacht. On the other side you have Australia’s Disintegration. Their love of music, metal, and drinking have united them to team up for a split 7″ single called Stolen Thoughts. More news as it unfolds.

VIDEO: Arch Enemy’s “War Eternal”

Arch Enemy has just released a video for the title track of their latest album, War Eternal (Century Media) and if you’ve never heard a female vocalist scream/belch/puke/growl in a crispyt way, wait until you listen to the power of Alissa White-Gluz. If you are familiar with Arch Enemy, White-Gluz has replaced Angela Gossow. White-Gluz is originally from the group The Agonist. The album will be released in June.

SOME STUFFS: One Master release live radio performance on cassette

One Master photo OneMaster_cover_zps9095b10a.jpg
Last April, Connecticut death metal quintet One Master found themselves doing a live performance over the air on My Castle Of Quiet on radio station WFMU. The band liked the set so much that they’ve decided to remaster it and release it as an album. Simply titled Live In The Castle Of Quiet (No Visible Scars), the album finds Mahazael (drums), Hellebore (bass), Herr Adams (live guitar0st), Phlegethon (guitarist), and Valder (guitar and vocals) in a confined setting but allowing everyone to hear their very wide music. Two of the tracks in the performance were new for everyone, and they will be polished up for the band’s forthcoming proper album. Live In The Castle Of Quiet is now available on cassette, copies of which are available over at Bandcamp, where you’re also able to stream it in full and purchase digitally.

SOME STUFFS: Barbarian to release “Faith Extinguisher” in early 2014

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Doomentia Records are very ready to release Faith Extinguisher, the latest album from Barbarian that will be out very soon in the new year. The group has already shared two tracks from it, both of which you may listen to below. The Italian trio have not announced shows or tour plans as of yet but hopefully some shows will materialize as the release date approaches.

VIDEO: Revocation’s “Fracked”

Now occupying an opening slot on the current Death Angel tour, Revocation have released a video made for their self-titled album on Relapse Records. It’s for the song “Fracked”. If you’d like to hear the album, you can stream it in full below through Bandcamp.

BANDCAMP SUGGESTIONS: Hammerlord’s “We Live” (EP)

Hammerlord photo HammerlordWL_cover_zpsb0936383.jpg For this week’s Bandcamp Suggestion, we journey to the world of thrash and speed metal with Hammerlord, who hail from Lawrence, Kansas. Their sound is reminscent of all of the great metal from the mid to late 80’s, complete with wicked singing, screaming, fierce guitar work, throbbing and pounding bass, and anthemic drumming, along with some nice progressive segments heard throughout.

The band consists of Adam “Hammerlord” Mitchell (drums), Terry Taylor (bass), Stevie Cruz (vocals), JP Gaughan and Ty Scott (guitars), and if that brutal style of metal is what you crave, you will love what Hammerlord has to offer with We Live, a 5-song EP released today.

If you are in the Lawrence, Kansas/Kansas City, Missouri reason, you’ll be able to see them live on the following dates:

June 14… Lawrence, KS (Replay Lounge)
June 15… Kansas City, MO (The Riot Room)
June 27… Bonner Springs, KS (Cricket Wireless Amphitheater)
October 18… Kansas City, MO (Uptown Theater)

REVIEW: Medius’ “Burns Going Down”

Photobucket Being a metal head who got into thrash and speed metal when it happened, it felt like it was the ultimate type of heavy metal one could ever experience, and no one could imagine how it could get heavier and more brutal. Then it did. San Diego’s Medius seem to hold speed metal as one of its primary cores, but also do a lot of different things musically and vocally so that they’re not keeping themselves in one corner or pocket of music.

Burns Going Down is a punch in the face for anyone who has been a metal fan for the last 25 or so years. On the thrash and speed metal sides, Medius seem to be on the kind of vibe that Forced Entry, Possessed, Testament, and Cyclone Temple, where they play with the tightest crunches while beign on the money with their change-ups and arrangements, along with incredible movements towards the “mosh part” that is sure to get the pits going. There’s also a nice funky groove within those crunches, not unlike Prong or early 90’s Corrosion Of Conformity, or Vulgar Display Of Power-era Pantera. Within the grinding are vocals about looking at ones self within the role of the world, feeling everything is fucked up but pleading for some sense of solace within the ugliness of it all, even when it feels life is about an endless fall into the unknown. With lines like “what you people living for?/what you people fighting for?/what you people being for?/what you people aspiring for?” (“Spine”), it’s obvious that these guys take the dilemma of our collective existence seriously, and by believing at times we dwell in shit on our own, it’s that fight for a singular conscience that helps to give these songs a bit of unity.

(Burns Going Down will be released on February 28th.)

VIDEO: Hemi’s “Driven To Kill”

HEMI – “Driven To Kill” (Official Music Video) from Nicholas Michalak on Vimeo.

Hemi remind me a bit of old Testament, Forced Entry and Nuclear Assault. The song is from their album Welcome To Bombtown, which is also the name of the forthcoming documentary on the making of the album. What I like about the song is that it’s direct and to the point: “no bullshit” thrash just the way I like it, with that pace that I just eat up.