FREE MP3 DL: Tidelands’ “Dog Named Bart”

Photo by Elliot Jaramill
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New music out today by San Francisco duo Tidelands comes in the form of an EP called Old Mill Park, which is described as a return to “a revitalized organic sound”. Gabriel Leis and Mie Araki will be having a record release party over in Oakland this Saturday at the Underwood Cafe but until then, they’d like to introduce you to a new friend, a “Dog Named Bart”

VIDEO: Tidelands’ “Coil”

With Tidelands recently starting up a tour in support of their new album We’ve Got A Map (my review here), they have presented a video for the track “Coil”, which is said to remind us of the pleasures of going out to explore the world with a best friend or two. The video was beautifully directed by Nelsen Brazill.

As for those shows, they are in Seattle tonight but have a few more shows left to go:
August 25… Seattle, WA @ Rat and Raven (9PM)
August 28… Boise, ID @ Tom Grainey’s (9PM)
August 31… Stockton, CA @ The Blackwater Cafe (9PM)
September 1… Sacramento, CA @ Java Lounge (1PM)
September 2… San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern (945PM)

REVIEW: Tidelands’ “We’ve Got A Map”

Photobucket The new EP by Tidelands shows a duo who understand what it takes to create pop-accessible songs without having to cater to pop needs, which is an interesting dynamic. Gabriel Leis and Mie Araki maintain their “indie credibility” in this one, in that they create the kind of heartfelt songs that sound like they wrote the lyrics and music (which they did) but without having to follow trends or a formula. With that said, upon hearing songs like “Sexy Fox”, “Rock Bottom”, and “Coil”, they show that if people came to them and experienced what they were about on their own terms, Tidelands could be massive.

What makes them “massive”? Their sound reminded me a bit of the early to mid-80’s pop and rock that one could hear on MTV, whether it was The Alarm, Temple Tudor, or anything that felt good then. This is what would be categorized as “college rock” before it became alternative, alterna- trendy, and now indie. What was rooted in those songs and bands were the sounds of bands from the 1960’s who used folk, country, rhythm & blues, and a bit of jump in their jazz to create that type of rock’n’roll that sounded so foreign back then but in truth it came from their backyards. That’s what Tidelands sound like, a bit of that familiar and yet because they may sound different at first, you’re curious as to what they are able to bring forth.

I say this because I had written something somewhere online about how an artist made pop music, and I was quickly reminded that pop is not a genre or a style of music, it’s merely to say what is popular. Tidelands could very well be popular if given the means, but don’t let their independent status hold anyone back from listening to We’ve Got A Map, because they’re basically saying “come along for the ride, and we’ll find it together”, whatever “it” may be or represents. Catchy and addictive music comes from those who understand musical comprehension and construction. It may sound simplistic at first, but let it simmer into your mind and you’ll be able to sense the trail they want to and will continue to explore.

SOME STUFFS: Tidelands rush to shore with their brand of music


That’s the name of Tidelands‘ debut album, If…, and it’s open-ended on purpose. You might ask yourself If… what, exactly? That’s the point. They’re a duo Mie Araki and Gabriel Montana Leis who want to create a dreamy feel with their intense music, or what their bio describes as “sharp, poetic lyrics uniquely arranged with looped guitars, Moog bass and beautiful harmonies.” In other words, a slightly retro synth feel with a passion to be bold and daring for today’s audiences who are also looking for the same.

The unique thing is that Leis said he had ideas to make music utilizing the horn, but he had never played any horn instruments before. When he brought in Araki into the project, the music blossomed as he wanted. This project also brings in Magik*Magik Orchestra conductor Minna Choi and Deerhoofengineer Ian Pellicci, so they did not bother to wait around to find a reliable formula, they wanted to be risk takers. If… is the end-result, and fans will be able to hear it in full when released on July 26th. The video for “Holy Grail”, put together by illustrator Ami Kutata, is due to bring them some well-deserved attention.

If you like the video, you can download the song for free with the player below.
Tidelands – Holy Grail by fanaticpro