REVIEW: Anson Wright & Tim Gilson’s “Ukiah’s Lullaby”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Guitarist Anson Wright and bassist Tim Gilson create an album that sounds like two musicians simply hanging out on a front patio or park and just communicating with nature through intimate music. At least that’s what it sounds like on this duo album, Ukiah’s Lullaby (Saphu), and at times during this recording it sounds like they get carried away and have a tendency to just drift. However, there is a reason for doing that and they both manage to meet up musically before returning to the themes. Some of Wright’s guitar work is just remarkable, always sneaking in something or adding a tone that may be different from the rest of the song but somehow fits perfectly.

At least in my listening experience, the mix on this seemed to be a bit too bottom heavy, but a tweak of the EQ or bass and treble controls will remedy the situation. Sampler alert: lots of awesome bass stabsB