VIDEO: Tomorrows Tulips’ “Walk Away”

Directed by DISTRACTOR (all capital letters, apparently), Tomorrows Tulips present a nice and delicate tune called “Walk Away” but they don’t want you to walk away from the song and not feel a thing. The song is from their latest EP on Burger Records called iNdy rock royalty comb, which you can check out below from

VIDEO: Tomorrows Tulips’ “Baby”/”Glued To You”

Tomorrows Tulips have given something unique: a 2-for-1/2-in-1 deal. It’s “Baby” and “Glued To You” combined as one video, with the second video beginning at the 1:22 mark or so. WARNING: the video contains scenes of female nudity. If you are offended or a prude, do not watch. Everyone else: press play and enjoy. Both songs will find their way on the band’s forthcoming Want album (due out October 7th) and hopefully after watching and listening, you will want too.

SOME STUFFS: Big Sur to host Mollusk Jamboree next month

 photo MolluskJamboree_poster_zps37757aa3.jpg
If you are a folk music fan/supporter/enthusiast, you’ll want to hear down to California on September 27th and 28th for a musical festival that sounds like it’s going to be a great time. Co-presented by (((folkYEAH!))), the Mollusk Big Sur Jamboree, to be held at the Fernwood Resort, will consist of “two days of music, camping and ensuing fun”. Some of the artists scheduled to perform includ Sonny & The Sunsets, The Autumn Defense, Allah-Las, Vetiver, Beachwood Sparks, and a planned supergroup lead by Cass McCombs, plus many more, perhaps a few guests and surprises. Also planned are a few “secret late night jam sessions”, not sure what may be involved in that other than music, but I’d be open to checking it out if I could.

A major highlight will be a screen dedicated to showing classic and contemporary surf films, since it is in Big Sur. The festival encourages people to bring their own food and drink, even though both will be available on the festival site. A lot more will be involved, and you are now able to buy 2-day camping or room packages for your stay. For more information, check the Mollusk Jamboree page or (((folkYEAH!)))’s home page.

VIDEO: Tomorrows Tulips’ “Flowers On The Wall”

The second album by Tomorrows Tulips, Experimental Jelly, has been released by the cool people at Burger Records, and a video has been made where they’re playing in a hard, getting a bit into a a nice minimalist groove at first before flexing their fretboard muscles. This was directed by Jimmy Jazz and Al Knost.

Experimental Jelly is available digitally and on vinyl. 1000 copies have been pressed, 700 on black vinyl, 300 on peach vinyl. You can order the record directly from Burger Records, or from below.

VIDEO: Feeding People “Island Universe”

How are all of you readers feeling?



Okay, most of you aren’t going to get it, but what you can and will get is this wet video by Feeding People, where they speak about an “Island Universe”, a place where one will be able to live forever in peace and love. The video comes off like a very twisted movie from the 1970’s that really goes nowhere, and at the end you’re going “what in the hell did I just watch?” The end result is a song that’ll hook you and become your next earworm. The song is the band’s latest 7″ 45 on Innovative Leisure, which you can purchase directly from the label by clicking here.

In October, the band will be doing a small handful of shows in California with a number of other bands you may be into, so check them out if you can.
October 14… Los Angeles, CA – Bootleg Bar ^
October 20… Santa Ana, CA – The Observatory +

^ w/ Onuinu
+ w/ The Growlers, Resonars, Tomorrow’s Tulips, Audacity, Sam Flax