AUDIO: Von Pea & The Other Guys’ “Chasing Amy a/k/a In Your Heart”
Von Pea is currently with The Other Guys right now as he takes a break from Tonya Morgan and this time he offers “Chasing Amy” to listeners. Sub-titled “In Your Heart”, the song is from his To:You album, out now on iTunes and available elsewhere on November 25th (including from Amazon, whom you can pre-order it from below.)


VIDEO: One Way featuring Von Pea’s “Right Now”

Here’s the deal: put together One Way (Teddy Holmes and Solomen Pade) and Von Pea, the letter of Tonya Morgan fame. Have Oddisee produce a track for you. The end result is a song that represents the now in the form of “Right Now”.

In the words of Teddy Riley, it ain’t over. Now you opt to have a video made for the song. Welcome in Richard Louissaint. The end result is excellent, and now you are able to see and hear it for yourself. The song is from One Way’s Dope City album, available through iTunes.