VIDEO: Towkio’s “Drift”

“Drift”: you may spot Mexico and my Hawaiian homeland in this video and you would be correct in what Towkio is trying to do here. THis was directed by Todd Burr & Towkio himself and he may take you to new places in future endeavors.

AUDIO: Towkio featuring Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment’s “Free Your Mind”

Do you want something that has been called “part Zapp, part Daft Punk, Part T-Pain“? Well, while Auto-Tune singing has fortunately tied, some people haven’t got the memo yet so they’re doing what they can to stretch out the licence. To my ears, it sounds like a cross between Pharrell and Bruno Mars with the Daft Punk touch, but what is the true Towkio sound? Uncertain at this time. Maybe we’ll find out later.

VIDEO: Towkio’s “Eyes”

The headline in the press release for this video said “new Towkio video made using five household items” and I’m thinking “what?” I click the link and the page didn’t have the video, which meant I had to do a Google search to find it. I did that, and there it was on someones page. A man is holidng a cigarette as he’s lip syncing to his song, and then it ends. Is this the full length video or a preview? I don’t know, but his name is Towkio, watch “Eyes”, or at least what they posted up here.