REVIEW: Toxydoll’s “Bullsheep”

 photo Toxydoll_cover_zpsr50qwk4v.jpg On the outside, Toxydoll reminds me of the kind of band that listened to way too much Mr. Bungle and said “fuck it, let’s do things our own way and turn our music into a carnival”. The group consists of Vicent Doménech, Alberto Cavenati, Bob Meanza, and Olga Nosova and with Bullsheep (Aut) they go out of their way to reach the edge and find pleasure in falling off, exploring their surroundings and going for anything and everything to make their music not sound like anyone else. It can be tribal at times, it can be beautifully harmonic, then other times they incorporate thick guitar riffs and come off as incredible spastic. It sounds like a massive organization going in for the kill but it’s just four guys playing great jazz that is on the verge of exploding. The difference is that they know how far to go and never push themselves too much, just traveling and making that journey part of their sonic experience. Tempos, textures, rhythms and everything else go back and forth, over and under as well as sideways down, leaving the listener unable to comprehend where they’ll be going next. In other words, for those who want their jazz on the very adventurous side.