FREE DL: Mochipet’s “Psilocybin Samurai Remixed”
Newly released is an album by Mochipet called Psilocybin Samurai Remixed and while you are able to download it as FLAC’s or MP3’s, you will only be able to download this for a week, and that’s this week. This means until June 16th, you’ll have a chance to get this and enjoy it, free of charge. Get to it now.

FREE MP3 DL: Numonics & The Infinite’s “95” (mix)

A 62 minute mix is what Numonics & The Infinite are offering everyone to stream & listen or download. The title of the mix is simply called 95, and honors the highway that goes through Miami. This is the complete track listing:

01. Numonics – Camping Out In That Corridor
02. Numonics x Infinite – Fear The Cyclops
03. Numonics – Posted in the club
04. Numonics – Drug Dealer
05. Jeremih – All the time (Numonics Remix)
06. Numonics – Beat It Up
07. Sin (feat. REKS) – City On Fire
08. Numonics – LOW
09. Numonics – Dat Glitch
10. Numonics x Infinite – Tres
11. Numonics – Feline Fiend
12. Eleanor Rugby – So You Wanna Rap?
13. Numonics – I Got That Work
14. J NiCS – Hitman
15. Numonics x Infinite – Show Me Dubs
16. Numonics x Infinite – Wrek Trap
17. Numonics x Infinite – Terrorist
18. Numonics x Infinite – Klingon
19. Trick Daddy ft Trina – Nann (Numonics x Infinite Remix)
20. Numonics x Infinite – Bong
21. Numonics x Infinite – Supernova
22. Numonics x Infinite – Say Goodbye
23. Numonics x Infinite – On That Fateful Day
24. Sevenstar – Wolves of New York
25. Numonics x Infinite – City Slicker Dreams

FREE MP3 DL: TCHPHNX’s “Girls In The Back”

TCHPHNX photo TCHPHNX_cover_zps8d33fdf8.jpg
You would think with a name like Touchphonics, things would be all cool and hunky dory. It is, but it was decided to simply change the way it looks so that people might wonder what it says before they know. Welcome TCHPHNX: it stands for “Touchphonics” buw when you see the name, you’ll know what it means. He has a song he wants to lay on everyone called “Girls In The Back”, but what back does he speaking of? Back of a van, a car, a bus, or their rear ends? Listen for yourself, and if you love bass or booty bass, you’re going to want to stand back and watch the ladies (and perhaps men as well) gyrate until something falls out of their pants, skirts, or whatever they’re wearing (or not wearing).

FREE MP3 DL: The Revivalists’ “Pretty Phonograph (Quickie Mart Remix)”

 photo Revivalists_cover_zps24f5b355.jpg
On one side of the gate, you have The Revivalists and their brand new song, “Pretty Phonograph”. Now take that song and give the multi-tracks to DJ Quickie Mart. In his hands, the possibilities are endless. Here is one of those possibilities. If you’d like to download it after streaming to listen, click the player below and the DL link will be on the Soundcloud page. The song will appear on QM’s Space Monkey Radio 2 compilation.

AUDIO: Rezult featuring Kavet The Catalyst’s “New World Natives”

Album Artwork Missing photo AlbumArtworkMissing.jpg RezuLt has been creating music for awhile, and with his latest project he has brought in Hawai’i’s own Kavet The Catalyst for the laid back and stoned out “New World Natives”. It may bring to mind a style of hip-hop you love but have been longing for to return, but you also know very well that music styles don’t go away. In this case, it’s just around the corner and they’re waiting for you to give them a residual dap.


 photo SCRNS_cover_zpsa90621c6.jpg
“TTYN” (free download, 8.8mb) is the new single by Minneapolis’ SCRNS, who consist of bassist Mat Patrek and vocalist Eric Ross and together they’re making music that they hope will blow heads, with self-proclaimed claims of being “ethereal and wildly original” featuring a “playful teenage vocal style”. What does that mean? I don’t know, but let’s find out together.

FREE MP3 DL: Jimmy Q featuring Sapphire’s “Party On The Roof”

 photo JimmyQ_old_zps095953fa.jpg
If the roof is on fire, what do you do? Let it go, or run up and dance on it? New York’s Jimmy Q has an answer, and reveals it in “Party On The Roof”, which was co-produced with Sapphire.

Jimmy Q will be releasing The Month to Month Compilation!!! compilation, which will be highlighted by a video for each song on it. You may hear another song from this called “Cloud Nine”, ba ba ba ba ba if you want to.

SOME STUFFS: Bassnectar wants to “Take You Down”, and then he’ll take you higher like Eddy Grant

 photo BassnectarTYD_cover_zpse86b9bd6.jpg
Bassnectar will be releasing a new single two weeks from now called “Take You Down”. The digital EP will feature three more songs plus a remix of “Take You Down”. A glance at the track listing:
1. Take You Down
2. Expanded (with ill.Gates)
3. Raw Charles
4. Color Storm [2013 Remaster]
5. Take You Down [West Coast Lo Fi remix]

For now, have a listen to a new/special edit of “Take You Down”

Bassnectar is preparing himself for a bit of road travel, click here to have a look at his tour dates.

FREE MP3 DL: DJ Drowman’s “Head Unlocked”

 photo DJDrowman_cover_zps2b77cd25.jpg
You have to love an artist who steals their graphics from an image search and despite the company’s embedded logo, they decided to use it. Thumbs up to DJ Drowman in doing so for his song “Head Unlocked”, which allows him to get locked in the head only to lead thim being unlocked. There are portions of this song that sound a bit off of the beat, but I’m sure he (and you) doesn’t (will not) mind.

You may also want to check out his song “cHOCA!!!“.