AUDIO: Tree Machines’ “Waiting On The Sun”

After a gentle buzz in the last few years, Tree Machines will finally be releasing their debut album this year called Up For Air and everyone involved will be able to breathe. Check out the first single from it, “Waiting On The Sun” and in time, the sun will arrive to greet the new warmth.

This Is Book’s Music’s Best EP’s Of 2015

This Is Book's Music Best EP's Of 2015 photo TIBMEPs2015_pic_zpsapa7qems.jpg
EP = Extended play.

It is “extended” because it was considered more than just a 2-song single but less than an album that would generally have 10, 12, or 14 songs. In the old days, an EP was considered anything more than two songs but less than 26 minutes and 58 seconds. The moment your piece of work was 26:59 or 27 minutes even, that classified as an album. Fortunately, many artists these days still obey the old rules, even if some will say “that’s stupid.”

Anyway, the EP is a way for an artist to release new music but without having to create something that functions as a “full length”. An album has often been stigmatizing because some feel an album should be an “event” of sorts. In fact, that’s how many musicians and songwriters used to design an album, as a substitute for not being able to go to their actual performance. An album was meant to be “since you can’t come to see and hear us, this is our audio presentation of that show.” An EP is a nice, content way to provide a few new songs without going overboard. In the 80’s, EP’s were often done as “in between” releases, giving fans something to “fill the void” before the next big event was to happen, a rest period during or after a tour for the album. In the last five to ten years, EP’s have become stronger and you’ll see more people release EP’s as nothing more than just a set of songs that’s “more than just an MP3” but “less than the occasional burden of hearing an album.”

I got my share of EP’s throughout 2015 but oddly enough, I didn’t review a lot of them. I did post a handful for visitors to listen to but most I did not review them. I love the EP and perhaps I need to try to dedicate myself to more in 2016. This is the reason why this list is so brief: five titles. It’s unlike my album lists that can be jampacked with anything and everything but maybe this list is like the EP itself: nice and content. This is my list of what I feel were the Best “extended plays” of 2015.

  • Charlie Belle’s “I Don’t Want To Be Alone”
  • Chromadrift’s “Europa Mission”
  • The March Divide’s “+1”
  • Snow In Mexico’s “Juno Beach”
  • Tree Machines’ self-titled EP
  • REVIEW: Tree Machines’ self-titled EP

    Tree Machines photo TreeMachines_cover_zps7cv84gmq.jpg To call any new artist victorious may be a very bold move but when it comes to using that word when applied to their music, it couldn’t be any better. That’s what Tree Machines have done with their brand new self-titled EP, their debut release. Douglas Wooldridge and Patric Aubry know about the tricks of the trade, which means being able to pull up elements to emphasize on how to create auras and mysteries to make their songs efgective. It is pop music, no doubt, but they do so in a manner that’ll make you smile, smirk in laughter, and just make you go “wow, I can’t believe someone still makes music like this”. In a song like “Misunderstood” the lyrics may be about a relationship that went to a place you did not intend, but hearing it will make you feel it may be the opposite, or at least have fun while telling that story. As far as groups that are duos, Tree Machine may be as creative as the guys in Qui, even though they sound nothing like one another. I just like the fact that people are making music like this that are not only good if not great, but are a necessity that makes me want to say more people need this in their lives. The lyrics can be serious but are also not afraid in using humor in a subtle manner or sarcasm that may not be obvious at first. Everything on their EP evens out, let the songs take you in and then listen to it again. The seven songs here will have to hold until they decide to come out with another EP, or are ready for a full length LP.

    (Tree Machine’s debut EP will be released on March 31st.)

    VIDEO: Tree Machines’ “Fucking Off Today”

    Photo by Phil Peterson
    Tree Machines photo TreeMachines_old_zpsifjqzfge.jpg
    Lawrence, Kansas-based duo Tree Machines journeys to a magical forest constructed in Los Angeles for new music video and that video is what you’re about to see below with the song “Fucking Off Today”, which you may do (or continue doing) after you watch the song. The video is NSFW, which may be tempting enough for you to see but please pay attention and listen too. The song will be on Tree Machines’ self-titled debut EP due out at the end of the month.

    SOME STUFFS: Tree Machines feel like “Fucking Off Today” (and most likely tomorrow)

     photo TreeMachines_old_zps714fa347.jpg
    Douglas Wooldridge and Patrick Aubry go by the name of Tree Machines and they’re going to release their first EP next month. The self-titled release will feature a song with a title you’re not going to hear on radio anytime soon so you’ll want to know it by title: “Fucking Off Today”. The song may begin with a bit of nice pop textures but keep on listening and the chorus changes the mood a bit. They’re like that with their new EP and they’re hoping fans will be pulled in with this in order to keep them coming for more. “Fucking Off Today” can be streamed or download it for free while supplies last.