SOME STUFFS: DJ Shadow has new album ready for 2016

Photo by Derick Daily
DJ Shadow photo DJShadow2016_old_zpsdvg5qnv6.jpg
The Mountain Will Fall is the title DJ Shadow has selected for his new album due out on June 24th. He hasn’t released a new album since 2011 but he has been keeping busy in that time. The new album will feature some nice collaborations with Run The Jewels, Matthew Halsall and Mils Frahm and will there be any more guests? Yes but what is known is he is sharing a song for all to hear, the title track. The album will be out on his own Liquid Amber label in conjunction with Mass Appeal Records and can be pre-ordered now by heading here.

AUDIO: Sun Yehoshua’s “ghosts”

Sun Yehoshua has a new song out now called “Ghosts” and as you see him in the image, he comes off as a ghost but there’s a lot that can be revealed in the music heard. What that may be is unknown but you could sense something in the distance. It’s an instrumental hip-hop song, although it may be something that could be vocalized or turn into a prog rock anthem. Whatever it may be, it’s up to you but enjoy it for what it is. To listen to more of his work, head to his official Soundcloud page.

AUDIO: Terracotta Blue’s “DreamVintage (Part 1)”

It’s only one part of a song, which means there is another (or more) on the way. I speak of Terracotta Blue, who is bringing “DreamVintage” into the new year for you and all. If you’re really into it, purchase the track below via Bandcamp.

FREE DL: Dubrain Hertz’s “Das Ist Nicht Ein Holocaust”

For this song I had to find a translator to be sure the title was non-offensive. “Das Ist Nicht Ein Holocaust” translates into “This Is Not A Holocaust” and the song by Dubrain Hertz is definitely not that, as it’s somethin that could fit in a number of different locales. It may work well for video games too, it could become a multipurpose song if they are able to sell the track. Have a listen to it, a reflection of the trip hop vibe of the early to mid-90’s.

AUDIO: Captain Supernova’s “Captain’s Theme”

There goes Captain Supernova, but is he a pushover? No, but he has a nw song to share with you, his theme song if you will, and it’s appropriately called “Captain’s Theme”. The song will find its way on his forthcoming EP coming out in December called Visions Of The Unknown, and now it’s your time to see, hear, and know what is not known.

VIDEO: Imperial | Agnes & Lupus’ “Amongst Wolves”

Here’s a cool project from Illect Recordings, where it may sound hip-hop but then you realize it’s not the kind of hip-hop you would hear in an every day situation. Then again, you may already be doing that. It has a slight downtempo/trip hop vibe, a song that you’d expect to hear on Mo Wax, Solesides, or ffrr in the mid to late 90’s. You can blame that partly on the location of the duo Imperial: United Kingdom. There’s a different sensibility.

Add to that the visual component by Agnes & Lupus, and it’s obvious this is a production that is being looked upon differently. You can purchase the song below via Bandcamp.

REVIEW: Black-Tokyo Musik & Po’ Safe Beats’ “The Beat Hoarders, Vol. 2”

 photo BTMPSBBHV2_cover_zpsd1e73510.jpg This new album is an assembly of tracks by Black-Tokyo Musik and Po’ Safe Beats, both getting an event amount of songs (ten) and both getting a chance to explore the world through sounds and samples, and making some incredible music. Po’ Safe Beats’ are knee deep in the obscure and I love the way he manipulates the unfamiliar and unknown to create these dank and sleazy jams, a lot of something from minor nothings. Black-Tokyo Musik’s tracks can be anything from hyperactive to dope, and can be deliberately hip-hop or not, depending on ones perspective. Po’ Safe Beats is someone who enjoys a wide range of texture to create a new texture or two, and Black-Tokyo Music does the same thing, but different. I think those who are fans of one or the other will become a fan of both artists by the end of this album. Let’s hope they do more projects in 2014.

SOME STUFFS: Paul White to perform a set on Boiler Room on Monday

Paul White photo PaulWhiteBoiler_cover_zps231fc74b.jpg
Paul White will be doing a special live performance tomorrow and while the show is private, anyone and everyone can have access to and watch the live stream. The show is coming from The Boiler Room in London, and it will also feature performances from The Room Below, Eric Biddines, Débruit and Trim. It will be live at 7pm GMT (8pm CET, 2pm EST, 11am PST, 8am HST) and will go on for about four hours. You may access the stream by heading to BoilerRoom.TV.

SOME STUFFS: Monster Rally to celebrate new album with weekend of performances

 photo MonsterRallyTour_poster_zpsf63cb624.jpg
Monster Rally will release a new album on October 29th called Return To Paradise (Gold Robot) and in honor of its release, he or they (Monster Rally is centered around Ted Feighan, so a show might be just him, or others. I would most likely bet on others showing up, but you never know with this guy) will be doing a small handful of shows in southern California with RUMTUM, including a free show at a record store. Here is where everyone will be, and hopefully you as well:

November 1… Los Angeles, CA (Silverlake Lounge) ©
November 2… Echo Park, CA (Origami Vinyl In-Store) (free show)
November 3… San Diego, CA (Kava Lounge) ®

© w/ Dr. Kananga, Esbe
® w/ Zochi, Mysterycave, Sasquatch, DJ Adamnt

A second single has been released from Return To Paradise called “Palm Village”, which you can download for free while supplies last.

You pay pre-order Return To Paradise from Gold Robot Records.

RECORD CRACK: The cover for Monster Rally’s “Return To Paradise” gets the exotica treatment

 photo MonsterRally_cover_zps0a9cc79a.jpg
“Orchids” is the latest single from Monster Rally, and it doubles as a song from the band’s forthcoming album Return To Paradise (Gold Robot). As you listen to the song below (available as a free download while supplies last), Return To Paradise will be released on vinyl in two color variations: 750 on standard black, the remaining 250 on ocean blue, packaged in a printed inner sleeve, which is packaged in a gatefold cover. The idea behind the cover design is interesting in itself:
The artwork of Return to Paradise is greatly inspired by the LP jackets of classic Exotica albums: Martin Denny’s Quiet Village, Les Baxter’s Jungle Jazz, and Arthur Lyman’s Bwana to name just a few. Over fifty different varietals of flowers and plants from around the world decorate the blossoming arrangement on R2P’s cover. In addition, the packaging features printed sleeves showing a take on traditional Hawaiian patterned prints of native flowers and tropical birds.

Start making those human bird calls in domes made out of aluminum!

You may pre-order copy from Return To Paradise will be released on October 29th.