AUDIO: Tropics’ “Rapture” (full album)

Tropics’ new album was released today on Innovative Leisure called Rapture and you can get into it by checking out the souful and soothing title track. This could easily inspire a few romantic moments, or just get lost in the creativity and find out where it may take you. If you’d like to see the video of the title track, please click here.


FREE MP3 DL: Tropics’ “Let Go”

Tropics photo Tropics_old_zps0817cb9a_1.jpg
Chris Ward has taken enough of a break and with his Tropics hat back on, he decided to write and record new music for what will be his new album (his second) called Rapture, to be released on March 10th. For it, he decided to do a cover and chose a song by Little Dragon. You are able to hear his moving cover of “Let Go”, which is described as “the minimal piano driven tune unfolds into a powerful score to the message as told through Ward.” That was enough for me to listen, and it should be for you too.

AUDIO: Tropics’ “Rapture”

 photo Tropics_old_zpsfd83e3a5.jpg
“Rapture” by Tropics sounds like something fresh out of the mid to late 1970’s, with a vibe that may remind some of Yacht Rock but has a nice pop sensibility that I’m feeling quite nicely. Tropics is Chris Ward in semi-incognito and he will be releasing the Rapture album on the Innovative Leisure label come February 17th. The song could easily be a belated Valentine’s Day present for a loved one, consider it below.